The Redeemer by Dan Padavona

The Redeemer by Dan Padavona

Author:Dan Padavona [Padavona, Dan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-11-25T16:00:00+00:00


Gun in hand, Bell crept along the tall grass and dunes. She’d read Gardy’s message and knew San Giovanni had dirt on Senator Ewing. It must have been big since the information got San Giovanni murdered. But why was Bell in the cross-hairs?

The pitched roof of the beach house jutted above the sand. The rest of the home hid from her sight. Digging the phone out of her pocket, she dialed Larrabee. The detective would be there in fifteen minutes.

But Bell didn’t have fifteen minutes. Full dark raced across the ocean and cloaked the intruder. He might be anywhere in the dark. Even right behind her.

She ducked low and ran to the palms, cursing the narrow trunks that did little to conceal her presence as she placed her back against a tree. Then she spun off the tree and sprinted to the wall, keeping her head below the first-floor windows.

When she rounded the house, she squinted her eyes, trying to make out the shadows beneath the deck. Impossible to see. The gun trembled in her hand as she slid along the wall and edged closer to the stairs. Close enough to make out shapes, she discerned footprints beneath the deck.

One hand on the rail, Bell pulled herself onto the deck and stood with her back to the wall. From here, she could see the snapped crime scene tape and the unlocked latch to the sliding glass door. On a silent count of three, Bell reached out and slid the door open, thankful it whispered along the grooves. She spun inside the dark confines.

The hand reached out of the shadows and gripped her by the throat. His other hand knocked the Glock from her hand and covered her mouth. She couldn’t see the man’s face, only his silhouette as he shoved her against the wall. She brought her elbow against his arm, but he was too strong. As she squirmed along the wall, a glint of moonlight caught Logan Wolf’s face.

“Wolf, let go.”

“Why should I, Scarlett? Because of you I have no family.”

Bell swung her head forward and knocked it against his. His eyes crossed, and his hand sprang off her neck. She sucked air into her lungs, but he dropped down and snagged her gun. Now he took a step backward and aimed the Glock at her chest.

“I knew you’d come,” he said, shifting to stand between Bell and the deck door. “You’re as predictable as a sunrise. You’ll go to your grave believing I murdered Christina and came back to…what is it you profilers call it?…relive the crime.”

“No. You didn’t kill your sister. But you’re walking into a trap, Wolf.”

“It appears I laid the trap for you, dear Scarlett.”

“Someone wants us dead, Gardy included. It got me thinking about the night the killer took Renee’s life.”

“Be careful. You’re walking a razor’s edge mentioning her name.”

“Put the gun down, and let’s talk this through.”

“Not a chance.”

Bell rolled her neck. Phantom fingers curled around her throat.

“The sniper who shot at us on the hill, the man who tried to kill Gardy and me, and Congresswoman San Giovanni’s assassin.


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