The Price of Power by Michael Cross

The Price of Power by Michael Cross

Author:Michael Cross [Cross, Michael]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781612967707
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Published: 2016-10-26T07:00:00+00:00

Chapter 15

Everything at the office was taking on a life flow all its own. Maybe the positive publicity had given my staff a greater confidence that my career, and theirs as well, was more assured as I made more and more rounds to media, as well as setting fundraisers in the future for the upcoming year’s election. Nobody, not even Dr. Hodge, minded when I said I had to be gone on Friday, or a few days the following week. So when the alarm went off at 4am on Friday morning I jumped out of bed and prepared for my trip without any hesitation regarding congressional duties.

Malin and I ordered breakfast and took it with us as we hurried to get to the airport by 5:30am. While in the taxi she asked, “When you were visiting your family did you eat meat?” I actually had, but to make her happy I replied, “No, I am giving your advice a try.” She smiled and said, “That is great. That means you have gone almost two weeks. Soon you will wonder why you ever ate the stuff.” I thought to myself that what she did not know would not hurt her.

Soon we were off to Germany. It was a direct flight, but with the time difference and travelling we did not arrive at our hotel room until around 8pm. It was an old and luxurious hotel in what had once been East Berlin. We ordered dinner and I asked if she might like us to go out and start checking out the scenery. She sat back and said we could later. I asked what she had in mind, thinking I knew the answer to that inquiry, but she laughed and asked, “You don’t suppose they still have spy cameras in this place, do you?” Since we were in our usual natural attire with each other I laughed and covered my breasts. She too laughed and said, “Hey darling, I have something for you.” She went over to her briefcase and took out a little box and handed it to me – it was a jewelled waistband, gold with assorted jewels and diamonds interlaced in it. She asked me to try it on and I jokingly asked, “It’s beautiful but does it qualify as clothing and violate our rule?” She shook her head and fastened it around my waist, “Don’t worry, I make the rules.”

I again asked what the plan was for the evening but she just shook her head and asked me to sit with her. We enjoyed each other’s company while watching some German TV until at around 11pm she asked, “Want to have some fun?” I sat up as she ran over to her suitcase again. I was dying in anticipation as to what else she had for me. Then she pulled out a thin overcoat. I asked, “What is that, a spy outfit?” She laughed, “Oh maybe…I found this place that advertised costume parties on Friday and Saturday nights.


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