The Presidents' Escort by Joseph B. Corbin

The Presidents' Escort by Joseph B. Corbin

Author:Joseph B. Corbin [Funk, Joseph B. Corbin; Susan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781524557713
Publisher: Xlibris US
Published: 2016-12-08T05:00:00+00:00

Police commissioner Jiggs Donahue’s chauffer stands next to the commissioner’s car. His license tag was DC1.

Joe Corbin is on the left, on the motorcycle.

When the District of Columbia was governed by three commissioners, Jiggs Donahue had DC license tag no. 1 as police commissioner. One day, I went to investigate why traffic was backed up, and I discovered the reason for the traffic jam was the commissioner’s car was parked in a “No Parking at Any Time” zone. That was what was causing all the backup.

I put a ticket on the vehicle and got back on my motorcycle. I had only gotten about four blocks away before the dispatcher radioed to me and said, “Call your captain right away.”

When Captain Marshall Gore picked up the phone to take my call, he barked, “Did you know whose car that was?”

I calmly replied, “Of course I knew.”

But the captain was not quite so calm. “What the hell was the idea of your putting a ticket on it?”

“Because,” I replied, “It was parked in a ‘No Parking Anytime’ zone, and it was obstructing the free flow of traffic.”

“Do you know I can transfer you to any precinct in this city?” he shouted into the receiver.

“Captain,” I told him, “They tell me this key I hold fits any call box in the city, and the call box is only used for official police business. Regardless of where you send me, this key will fit any call box.” And I hung up the phone.

The flags I used during funerals or parades or any public event as a representative of the Police Association were the American flag and the Police Association flag. That Police Association flag represents all three departments—the White House, the US Park Police, and the Metropolitan Police. That way, no department was left out.


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