The Misadventures of Max Crumbly 3 by Rachel Renée Russell

The Misadventures of Max Crumbly 3 by Rachel Renée Russell

Author:Rachel Renée Russell
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Aladdin


Thank goodness I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet!

Seeing Mr. Howell with the bike and wagon Erin and I had used in our getaway made me feel SICK!

My stomach was doing so many flip-flops, I thought I was going to THROW UP in that garbage bin.

I had just gotten rid of all the clothing I’d worn last night. And now Mr. Howell was dragging over MORE evidence that could RUIN MY LIFE!

GIVE ME A BREAK! This day could NOT get any worse!

I turned and quickly walked up the driveway back to the garage.

I had already come up with a plan to avoid Mr. Howell. And it was brilliant!

I was going to close the overhead garage door. Lock the front door. Refuse to answer the phone or the doorbell. And not allow any of my family members to leave the house. For TWO MONTHS! By that time, Mr. Howell would have completely forgotten about us and started to HARASS some other poor family and make THEIR lives miserable!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to close the garage door because a broom was in the way. DANG!!

Mr. Howell was standing there in the driveway, and I could tell he was mad. “Hello, Max! I really NEED to speak with your father! It’s an EMERGENCY!”

Yeah, right! What Mr. Howell really NEEDED was to MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS! I’m just saying!

My dad had just stepped inside the house a minute earlier to use the bathroom. But Mr. Howell didn’t know that. So I implemented emergency plan B! . . .

“Um . . . I’m really sorry, Mr. Howell, but my dad isn’t home right now! I’ll tell him you stopped by.”

Yes! Emergency plan B was to LIE like a RUG!

“Well, this is VERY important! WHERE did he go and WHEN will he be back?!” Mr. Howell asked.

“I think he went to . . . the . . . um . . . hardware store.”

“Are you sure? It doesn’t open on Saturdays until ten a.m.,” Mr. Howell said, glancing at his watch. “That’s an HOUR from now!”

“Actually, he went to the, um . . . CupCakery bakery! It opens early. But he’ll probably run errands after that. He could be gone for quite a while.”

“Should I come back in a few hours?” he asked.

“How about . . . um, next . . . Friday? Maybe. I’m sorry, but he’s REALLY busy,” I explained.

“FRIDAY?!” Mr. Howell gasped. “Are you sure?! Well, okay then. I guess I’ll try again next week!”

I could NOT believe my plan had actually worked!! Mr. Howell was about to turn and leave when . . .



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