The Mean Girl: A Pacific High School Bully Romance (A Pacific High Series Book 3) by Ashley Rose

The Mean Girl: A Pacific High School Bully Romance (A Pacific High Series Book 3) by Ashley Rose

Author:Ashley Rose [Rose, Ashley]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-02-17T16:00:00+00:00

Two guys are on the ground, grappling and throwing punches. I’m searching for Hunter. It’s really dark so I can barely make out Hunter, but I manage to tell which one of the fighting bodies is Hunter. Of course, he’s squared off with some huge football player. They are leaning into one another throwing punches like it’s a boxing match. They then part and back off and go for it again. Hunter manages to loop an arm around the guy’s neck and is punching him in the face when I hear Coral let loose with a blood curdling scream right beside me.

Someone is standing over a kid on the ground kicking him in the face.

Everything stops and it grows quiet as Coral screams and runs toward the two.

The dark figure freezes, boot in mid-kick. Coral is kneeling down now. I’m right behind her, my eyes straining in the dark until I realize who it is. It’s Dex.

I look up, but whomever was kicking him is gone. Everyone is running away.

She’s wailing and crying and cradling his head. Then she looks up wild-eyed and screams. “Call 911! Call 911!”

Most people are racing out of the parking lot in their vehicles. I look around wild-eyed and reach for my phone. I punch in the numbers and shakily tell the dispatcher we need an ambulance. Someone is badly hurt.

I give our location and say, “Hurry! Now! Hurry! Please!”

The dispatcher assures me someone is coming and asks for my number to call back.

I give it to her. Devin is on his knees now beside Dex. Hunter is standing above them with his head in his hands.

I rush over to Coral. “They’re coming.”

I’m afraid to look down at Dex. His eyes are not open. He looks dead.

Hunter starts shouting and swearing.

Coral looks up at him and says in a cold voice, “Dex didn’t even want to fight. He told me he hoped he didn’t have to fight for you. But he’s so goddamn loyal to you, Hunter!”

Hunter reels back as if he’s been punched.

Sirens in the distance break the moment. I rush over to the parking lot, which has completely emptied now except for our four cars. Motherfuckers.

I stand at the edge of the field waving my arms frantically until the ambulance stops in front of me.

“Over here!”

They rush over to Dex.

The rest is a blur. I remember Hunter is standing on the periphery of everything swearing and pulling at his hair. I know I should go over to him, but I can’t leave Coral’s side. She has a death-grip on my hand.

They load Dex into the ambulance. In the light, I see he has tubes hooked up everywhere. Devin climbs in the back and the doors slam.

“I’ll drive you,” I say and rush Coral to my minivan.

When I turn to look for Hunter, his Jeep is gone.


But I can’t let Coral go. She needs me right now. I wish Hunter would have come to me. I would drive him, as well.

He shouldn’t be driving right now.


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