The Journey to the West, Revised Edition, Volume 3 by The Journey to the West Volume 3

The Journey to the West, Revised Edition, Volume 3 by The Journey to the West Volume 3

Author:The Journey to the West Volume 3
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Many gods meet injury;

Maitreya binds a fiend.

We were telling you about the Great Sage Sun, who had no alternative but to mount an auspicious cloud by means of his somersault to head directly for the Wudang Mountain on the South Jambūdvīpa Continent, where he hoped to solicit the help of the Demon-Conquering Celestial Worthy to rescue Tripitaka, Eight Rules, and Sha Monk, and the various celestial warriors from their ordeal. Without a moment’s pause in midair, he soon caught sight of the patriarch’s immortal realm. Gently lowering his cloud, he stared around. A marvelous place, it was!

Grandly it guards the southeast,

This towering divine mountain.

The soaring Hibiscus Peak:

The rugged Purple-Canopy Summit.

Nine Streams1 flow from it to distant Jing and Yang.2

It joins the Yue mountains reaching the state of Chu.

On top are the treasure cave of Grand-Void,

The numinous estrades of Zhu and Lu.3

Golden stones resound in thirty-six halls,

Where to offer incense ten thousand pilgrims come.

King Shun visits it and King Yu prays at this place,4

Adorned with jade tablets and letters of gold.

Bluebirds fly about the towers;

Banners flap like scarlet skirts.

A land set on a mountain famed in all the world,

A Heav’n-born region touching the spacious void.

A few sprigs of plum trees just now in bloom;

A mountain of rare grasses spreading their verdure.

Dragons lie beneath the brooks;

Tigers crouch by the cliffs.

The birds sound as if they’re talking;

By people tame deer are walking.

White cranes perch with clouds on old junipers;

Facing the sun, blue and red phoenixes sing.

This has the looks of a true, immortal realm,

Where portals of gold and mercy rule the world.

The august patriarch was the off spring of King Pure Joy and Queen Triumphant Virtue, who was conceived with child after she dreamed that she had swallowed the sun. After carrying the child for fourteen months, she gave birth to him in the palace at noon on the first day of the third month, in the jiachen year, which was the first year of the Kaihuang reign period. This Holy Father was

Fierce and bold in his youth,

Astute and keen when he grew up.

Declining the throne of kingship,

He sought only austerities.

His parents could not stop him

From leaving the royal palace.

The mysteries and meditation

He embraced on this mountain.

Merit and work accomplished,

He rose in daylight to Heaven.

The Jade Emperor forthwith decreed

That he be titled Zhenwu.

Above, the dark void blessed him;

Below, the snake and turtle5 joined him.

The entire Heaven and Earth

Addressed him as All Efficacious,

From whom no secret was hidden,

For whom no act e’er met failure.

From start to end of each kalpa,

He routed the demon-spirits.

As he was enjoying the sight of this immortal scenery, the Great Sage Sun soon arrived before the Palace of Grand Harmony, having passed through the first, the second, and the third Heaven gates. There in the midst of hallowed light and auspicious air he found a group of five hundred spirit-ministers, who met him and said, “Who are you?” “I’m Sun Wukong, the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven,” replied the Great Sage, “and I’d like to have an audience with the patriarch.


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