The Jaded Kiwi by Nick Spill

The Jaded Kiwi by Nick Spill

Author:Nick Spill [Spill, Nick]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780983908081
Publisher: Nick Spill
Published: 2016-02-29T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Six


Henry rolled over onto his side. He looked at his watch in the light of the bedside lamp. Five A.M. He did not feel tired. He turned to kiss Mel who was flat on her back. Her eyes were wide open as she stared at the ceiling. She could not move. The bed linen had been pushed onto the floor. The light made her skin pink.

He put his other arm around her and held his lips to her right cheek. His pendant swung over her shoulder and tickled her. She playfully bit him. Why was she so happy, yet so afraid?

• • •

Terry started his business every morning at the breakfast table with John. The house, made of stone and native timbers, was on a cul-de-sac, surrounded by a seven-foot-high wall.

“Goddammit! Look at this. Will you look at this!” Terry put down his bone china teacup and stuck his right index finger at the front page of the New Zealand Herald, which showed Plum Blossom’s photograph.

John carefully lifted the last two pieces of toast out of the pop-up toaster. He knew Terry would yell at him if he made too many crumbs. He moved his sore neck to scan the front page. His body ached from the assault two nights ago.

“Saw it on the way over. All the cops have her picture, Terry.”

“Really? Who told you?”

“That new joker at your burger place. Told me last night, after I dropped you off. Went over there to check on the place and get a Hawaiian.”

Terry drained his cup and eyed John.

“You’re going to get fat. All those late night calories and no exercise.”

John grinned as he helped himself to more marmalade.

“You haven’t been back to that doctor’s house, have you? I thought we agreed that revenge would come about in a different way. The idea is to eliminate the opposition. Yes?” Terry stared at John to make sure this had sunk in.

“How is she?” John asked, to break the silence.

“Oh, fine.”

“Did she say anything?”


“Do you think I should go in and talk to her a little?” John grinned. “You know. The good cop, bad cop routine.”

“No, John. It’s very sweet of you to offer your services. Even if they give up their crop, we might have to dispose of her, because of this.” Terry pointed to the front page again. “This has complicated everything.”

“Then it doesn’t matter then, does it? What I do?”

“Save it. We might need her yet. In one piece. There’s no knowing what they might do. They’re amateurs, and they’re desperate. Don’t look so glum. Make us some more tea.

“Tomorrow we’ll go down to Pukekohe and check out those greenhouses. They couldn’t possibly do it all by Sunday. If they haven’t started packing, we’ll have to get creative.”

John Eustace put the kettle on. He knew exactly what his boss meant by the word creative.

• • •

Sergeant Cadd reported to Inspector Bernie Grimble’s office promptly at 8:00 A.M.

The inspector’s office was an organized mess. Computer printouts, fingerprint cards and thick manila folders were piled up on his grey metal desk.


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