The Frey Saga 03 Rise of the Seven by Melissa Wright

The Frey Saga 03 Rise of the Seven by Melissa Wright

Author:Melissa Wright
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Publisher: Smashwords
Published: 2012-10-10T12:08:41+00:00

Chapter Fourteen


For as long as I could remember, even during those times I couldn’t remember, I’d had one thought, one obsession: If I could just overcome this one insurmountable obstacle, then things would be bearable.

But my whole life had been a series of those hurdles, and each time I crossed one, each time I broke through a barrier, there was nothing but another on the other side. A chasm, a mountain, one more impossible challenge. As I stood there with Chevelle, wanting only to right the council’s wrong, to avenge my mother and my kingdom and be done with it, I could see nothing but more problems on the horizon.

I pulled the necklace from my belt and stared at the pendant beside my mother’s. It was a long spike, formed by four smaller twisted strands. It was an odd sensation, as two of the strands were cold, the other two warm, but I didn’t think it was charmed as I’d feared at first. What had Veil meant by it? There was no question the fey were tricksters, but they were clever as well. This was no simple gift, but had he meant it for a warning, or a promise? He’d seemed sincere in his proposal, though he hadn’t given the pendant until I’d declined his offer.

I couldn’t blame Veil for the others, for all that had happened, but I couldn’t entirely trust him either. Between the lot of them, they’d invaded my home, insulted my second, and attempted to steal my guard. And who knew what the ones we hadn’t seen were doing.

I glanced at Chevelle who seemed to have his anger under rein now. “We should probably help the others.”

He moved to place his hand at my lower back as we started for the corridor, but stopped just short of touching me. I pretended not to notice.

The halls were a quiet mess. The staff tended to stay in their rooms during a fairy raid, so the corridors were empty aside from the fabric, beads, broken furnishings, and occasional foodstuffs scattering the floors. We came across a door covered in ivies, another painted with profanities, and a third busted through. Oddly enough, the libraries were intact.

“Wouldn’t want to destroy those, they might need to borrow a book,” I muttered.

At the end of another hall, right before the entrance to the kitchens, was a large T-wall. I stood staring, for a long moment, at what appeared to be a portrait of the new lord of the north. Naked. It was plainly a hurried job, but all the important parts were there. I turned to Chevelle, but couldn’t decide whether he was trying to conceal a grimace or smile. I took the time to glare at him before moving on, just in case.

Hurried footsteps caught up with me shortly, but they were delayed enough that I knew he’d taken care of the graffiti.

The fey had managed a considerable amount of damage to the castle in the short time they’d been liberated, but no one had been badly injured.


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