The Devil Is a Part-Timer! - Vol. 12 by Satoshi Wagahara & 029 (oniku)

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! - Vol. 12 by Satoshi Wagahara & 029 (oniku)

Author:Satoshi Wagahara & 029 (oniku)
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Yen On


Nord, as expected, took it hard.

“Wh-what happened to you?! How could this…?!”

By the time Emi and Laila made it back to Villa Rosa Sasazuka—in taxis, with Amane and Emeralda helping them along—they were both thoroughly exhausted and haggard. That, and Laila had just gotten a new hair color.

“Emilia! Are you all right?!”


Her eyes were too hollow to give a reply.

“What has happened to them?” Nord asked Chiho and Emeralda. The former didn’t know where to begin, but before she could, Amane—still propping Laila up on her feet—spoke.

“It’s gonna be a long story. Not the sort we’d wanna give outside, either.”

She motioned to him to open up Room 101 for the group. “I’ll take care of Yusa, so can you help your lady out here?”

“A-ah… Yes… But Laila, too, my goodness…”

The purple hair didn’t seem a major concern of his, thankfully, as he took Laila into his arms. Watching them, Emeralda realized that they had all, at that moment, just dodged a bullet. Emi was the first out of the taxi by chance, so Nord naturally turned his attention to her first. If he had given more priority to Laila just now, there was no telling how the Hero might react.

This was an Emi who kept muttering about Laila the whole taxi ride, barely able to keep her eyes in focus. “Why? Why does she try to make my life miserable? Why does she hurt everyone around me? What right does she have?”

“What of the Devil King, Emeralda?” asked Suzuno, freshly relieved from Nord guard duty. Emeralda didn’t immediately answer her, taking the time to give the neighborhood of Sasazuka around her a distressed look.

“Ummm… He had to abandon his restauraaant duties to come to us, sooo…”

“Ah. And he has returned to them?”


It flummoxed Emeralda—the idea of this Devil King whirling in to save the day, save an angel’s life, then return to his shift without even wrapping anything up—but this was apparently nothing surprising to Suzuno. Suzuno, perhaps out of politeness, did not bring this up with her.

“Indeed, he said their delivery operations would begin shortly. Ms. Kisaki has been out of the office quite a bit, leaving Maou as the shift manager, so to him, it was the only choice to be made.”

“Waaas it?”

“Yes. Ask Alciel or Lucifer if you need confirmation. I imagine they will tell you the same. I doubt Chiho found it unusual, either, no? And Amane was more than capable of ferrying them back here by herself, as you saw.”

“C-cerrrtainly,” Emeralda murmured, wide-eyed at how accurately Suzuno painted the picture despite her absence.

“Interact with your neighbors as much as I have, and you learn quickly.”


“But regardless. You had best rest up for now, Emeralda, and let me know if anything happens. It must have been a dreadful battle. I could feel Emilia’s force all the way from here.”

“I wasn’t there for the whole show myselllf,” Emeralda mused as she crossed her arms. “I’m not sure it’s fair to even call it a baaattle.


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