The Bad Girl: A Pacific High School Bully Romance (The Pacific High Series Book 4) by Ashley Rose

The Bad Girl: A Pacific High School Bully Romance (The Pacific High Series Book 4) by Ashley Rose

Author:Ashley Rose [Rose, Ashley]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-02-26T16:00:00+00:00


I refuse to text him again.

I have my pride, after all.

Even though it’s now mortally wounded on the movie set. Every person there now knows that we are dating and that he and Natalie have disappeared. Together.

But I refuse to feel humiliated.

I don’t care what a bunch of strangers think of me.

But I do care what he thinks of me, despite it all, and I’m not going to be his doormat.

And part of me is worried sick.

There have been times in the past when he hasn’t returned my calls or text and nine times out of ten it was because he was drinking again.

If he did drink again, I think I need to end it. It’s not just the drinking itself, it’s the unreliable person he becomes when he drinks. My dad is an alcoholic, too, so I have an unhealthy fear of people who drink too much. I know Hunter would never become violent like my dad, but the whole alcoholic boyfriend thing is not going to work for me unless he stays sober.

By the time ten o’clock rolls around and nobody has heard from Natalie or Hunter, an assistant director comes onto the set and tells us all to go home.

I drive home feeling as if I’m going to barf.

I’m already in bed, when Oscar comes and knocks.

“You okay?” he asks. I know he was there on set somewhere the whole time, too.

I shrug. “What the fuck?”

He sighs loudly. “I know. But they found them.”

I’m not sure I want to hear this but I wait.

“Natalie apparently started drinking. Hunter didn’t know it, but when they got to the AA meeting, she went in the bathroom and drank. He couldn’t tell until she started driving them back to the set.”

“She was driving?”

“Hunter talked her into pulling over. She did and ran to the edge of a cliff and sat there saying she was going to jump. She had both of their cell phones and threw them down into the water.”

“Well that explains why he didn’t call me back.”

“I guess he spent the entire time trying to convince her not to kill herself. Be easy on him, Kennedy, he’s a wreck.”

I narrow my eyes. “How do you know all this?”

“I was in Brock’s office when Hunter came in with Natalie. She could barely walk. He somehow talked her into getting off the cliff and he didn’t know what to do with her so he went straight to his dad. Liza took her straight to the bathroom because she was puking all over the place. While she was gone, Hunter explained.”

“Why are you the one telling me this instead of him?” I say.

Oscar squirms and shrugs. “I’m sure it’s because he’s with his dad. When I left him he was in the car with his dad. They are driving Natalie to the Palm Springs detox center. The film is on hiatus for at least two weeks.”

“Hunter had to go, too?”

“I think Natalie wouldn’t go unless he came.”

“Fucking fantastic,” I say.

“Hey, kiddo, I know it sucks.


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