The Bad Boy by B A Stretke

The Bad Boy by B A Stretke

Author:B A Stretke [Stretke, B A]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Superiorland Publishing
Published: 2018-03-22T18:30:00+00:00

Cameron was flying high on endorphins by the time they reached the restaurant. They’d renamed it the Embers and it rolled off the tongue better than the old name, Dinner on Main Street. Especially considering the fact the restaurant was not located on the main street. Cameron had never eaten there before so he could not comment on the prior menu. He ate in the cafeteria and sometimes grabbed a snack at the coffee shop but that was as far as his budget would allow.

He kept a small slush fund of about fifty bucks that he used for situations involving Liz. It was the slush fund he used for their cover charge at the party last Friday. But now he would no longer need it since he and Liz had gone their separate ways.

Bryn and Cameron were escorted to a nice table in the back that afforded privacy and ambiance. Bryn had obviously called ahead because the set up was unlike any of the other tables. There was a fine tablecloth, fresh flowers and the table was set beautifully.

Bryn held his chair as Cameron was seated and then took his own seat across from him. Cameron was living the moment. He had a handsome man taking him to dinner at a nice restaurant and he went the extra mile to make it memorable, it was a dream, it had to be a dream.

Cameron introduced him to his cousins and fellow club members, Forbes and Flynn Keith. They were gracious and friendly but Cameron had the weird feeling that he was being weighed and measured. He hoped he wasn’t found too lacking. Bryn seemed to be proud and presented him like he was a treasure of sorts. It was unusual but it left Cameron with a feeling of value and a deep satisfaction. It was something he’d never felt before apart from his academic life. He was valued there but only for his achievements and potential, what he was feeling from Bryn was unconditional.

He was really starting to like Bryn Keith and it wasn’t just for his hard body and boyish good looks. The guy had a warm personality and the way Bryn made him feel was making it hard for Cameron to remain closed off.

Cameron had shut down his emotions four years ago when everything he loved and thought loved him came crashing down. How do you survive being abandoned by your adoptive family nine years after being taken in? They professed to love him as their own and made him believe their lies of trust and security. He was discarded by his biological family and then by his adoptive family; no one wanted him, no one wanted to keep him. His best friend since the second grade betrayed him in the worst way possible and then shut him out.

He vowed to never let anyone into his heart again, and for four years he kept to that promise. Now as he sat across from this dark and attractive man he questioned his ability to keep him out.


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