Test-Driven iOS Development by Graham Lee

Test-Driven iOS Development by Graham Lee

Author:Graham Lee
Language: eng
Format: epub

- (void)testBodyContainedInJSONIsAddedToQuestion {

[questionBuilder fillInDetailsForQuestion: question

fromJSON: questionJSON];


@"<p>I've been trying to use persistent keychain references.</p>",

@"The correct question body is added");


Finally, notice that the tests of question creation require that the question have the correct Person instance associated with it. Oops! It looks like I forgot to create that property in Chapter 6. Add a test to the QuestionTests fixture created in that chapter to ensure that the property exists and works properly.

- (void)setUp {

// ...

asker = [[Person alloc] initWithName: @"Graham Lee"


question.asker = asker;



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