Tales of the Tarantula by Frank Terranella

Tales of the Tarantula by Frank Terranella

Author:Frank Terranella
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Obama demonstrates how the ghosts of Sandy Hook haunt us

January 2016

I saw something today that I have never seen in all my 62 plus years. I saw a President cry. And it was thrilling! Why? Because we have a leader in President Obama who is moved to action by passionate convictions instead of polls. You can see an excerpt from the speech at https://youtube/ ZJCiDrqjjz8.

I have to say right away that I am not a big fan of the first six years of the Obama presidency. I dislike the Big Brother surveillance he authorized and the way he compromised national health care into a mere shadow of what President Clinton proposed. But beginning in 2015, just as the 2016 presidential campaign was beginning, we began to see a different Obama. It’s as if he finally realized that he was never going to get Republican cooperation no matter what he proposed and he just reached the point where he took off the handcuffs and began to act on his convictions. So we saw the President come out in favor of marriage equality, propose an executive measure to deal with undocumented foreigners and enact regulations to try to reduce carbon emissions.

Today the President acted once again in an area where Congress has feared to tread – gun control. While it remains to be seen whether the measures he proposed have any real effect, my feeling is that if they save one life, they will be worthwhile. We tried to solve the gun violence problem the NRA way – by buying more guns. Gun production doubled between 2010 and 2013. And gun violence increased. It’s time to try something else. Maybe it will work and maybe it won’t, but we can’t just sit back and do nothing as thousands of Americans die every year. If regulation doesn’t work, we can simply remove it as we did the assault weapons ban.

But politics aside, I think that President Obama’s announcement today is remarkable in that it revealed the depth of feeling that the President still has about the Sandy Hook massacre. This generally cool and publicly unemotional man was brought to tears just by the passing mention of a group of first graders who were victims of gun violence three years ago. He said, “Every time I think about those kids, it gets me mad.” And apparently it also gets him emotional as tears welled up in his eyes. I happen to think that emotion is good in a President. It shows me that he cares. It shows me that he is aware that what he does or does not do affects average Americans.

There will be those who will find the President’s tears just another sign of his weakness. Reagan wouldn’t have cried, they will say. Hell, he got shot and didn’t cry. Certainly a President can be empathetic without being tearful. Bill Clinton famously could “feel your pain.” But I find it very refreshing that a leader can be moved to tears as he is moved to action.


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