TIME the Science of Gender by TIME Magazine

TIME the Science of Gender by TIME Magazine

Author:TIME Magazine
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Published: 2020-01-20T20:30:00+00:00


The gender gap is far from closed, even if some progress has been made


Women have earned more bachelor’s and master’s degrees than men since the 1980s, and more doctorates for more than a decade. As of 2019, women make up the majority of the college-educated workforce. In 2019, 30% of universities were run by women.


Hollywood is notoriously a boys’ club (only 4% of films from 2014 to 2017 were directed by women), but 2019 brought a surge of women to the forefront. Women directed 12 of the top 100 grossing films and 31% of TV episodes (across all platforms). Further, 25% of TV-show creators were women; on those programs, 65% of the writers were female, versus just 19% on programs without a female creator.


Considering that until 1974, banks could refuse to issue a woman a credit card, it’s impressive that in 2019, 11.6 million women owned firms that generated $1.7 trillion in sales. In fact, female CEOs run 33 of the highest-grossing companies in the world. Still, that’s just 6.6% of all the Fortune 500 CEOs.


While the 2018 midterm elections increased women’s numbers in Congress to 130, there are still three men for every woman in those halls. Internationally, the U.S. ranks 76th out of 193 countries in terms of women’s representation in government.


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