Surviving You by Ashley Spencer

Surviving You by Ashley Spencer

Author:Ashley Spencer
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: BookBaby
Published: 2018-06-15T19:04:00+00:00

One night in Rome, my roommates and I went clubbing. We met a few cute Canadians and danced the night away. It was my first time ever being really drunk. I had shots of tequila, beer, and wine. By the end of the night, I couldn’t even remember my own name. So of course, I drunk dialed David.

He thought I was a hilarious drunk, but quickly got frustrated that I’d never gotten this drunk with him. “You never have more than one or two with me. Why now?”

“I’m in Italy!” I drunkenly slurred. “They have good wine.”

He laughed, but I could tell he was wondering what I’d done that night. I had danced with a couple of guys, but nothing else happened. I was used to David. I didn’t want to try anything with anyone else.

The rest of the trip was simply amazing. My roommates and I drank, ate, and explored every minute of every day. We took trips to different cities on the weekends and we used our evenings to experience the wonderful city we were lucky enough to call home. It was a very sad goodbye when the trip came to a close, but I was ready to be home with David.

Even though, deep down, I knew it was all a lie, I liked living in the fantasy of our world. In it, everything was perfect. He loved me. I loved him. We were going to have a beautiful life.

The trip made me miss him even more, and I couldn’t wait to see him again. He had to feel the same way with all the love notes he’d sent and the Skype calls we had. He had started calling me Mrs. C again, and he swore that when I got home we’d tell everyone and make it an official engagement. Deep down, I was tired of believing him. I was numb to his marriage fantasies. But it was familiar.

It was easier to stay than to try and break away. I knew it was just part of the game, but I was too scared to leave. He had threatened me before. What if he were to try to hurt me? I didn’t think he would, but what if? I’d invested too much time, anyway. I loved him and he loved me. I wasn’t about to give up on him now.

When I got home, it was nearly the end of summer. David was in the field that weekend, but he promised to pick me up after work when he got back in town. I was working a closing shift at Dairy Queen when I saw his 2001 Chevy Impala pull up next to my Pontiac G5 in the parking lot.

I looked at my manager with excited, pleading eyes. “Can I cut out early?”

She rolled her eyes and gave me a quick nod. “Sure, go have fun.”

I rushed out the door. “Hey, baby!!”

“There she is!”

He immediately embraced me, giving me a kiss. “God, I’ve missed you.”

That night, we took a long drive around town, talking about our summers and sharing stories.


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