Supernatural Born Killers (PM9) by Daniels Casey

Supernatural Born Killers (PM9) by Daniels Casey

Author:Daniels, Casey [Daniels, Casey]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Mystery & Detective, Paranormal Romance, General, Women Sleuths, Fiction
ISBN: 9780425251522
Publisher: Berkley
Published: 2012-06-15T07:00:00+00:00

“Well, this is perfect.”

I knew Quinn didn’t mean that. He couldn’t. The pizza and the wine were gone, and I’d made coffee and now, he was seated at my dining room table with me, my mom, and my dad. Perfect? This was nobody’s idea of perfect, especially since I didn’t know what other big family secrets my parents might blurt out, or how they might start grilling Quinn about things I would rather they didn’t discuss even more than the family propensity for chatting it up with ghosts.

Like me and Quinn.

And what was happening between us.

And where our relationship was headed.

Hey, why should Mom and Dad get answers? I’d known the guy for years and I still had no idea.

“I brought some stuff over for Pepper to look at and as long as you’re all going to be working together…”

Oh yeah, I nearly slapped that smug smile right off his face.

Since I am not a violent person (at least not unless it’s absolutely necessary), I pasted on a sweet smile of my own.

“No one said we were going to be working together,” I said from between gritted teeth. “If you’ve got something to tell me about the case—”

“Oh, did you hear that, Gil?” My mom bounced up and down in her chair. Not a good idea considering that the chairs, along with the table, had come from the nearest Salvation Army store and there was no telling what kind of abuse they were able to withstand. “We just opened our doors for business and we’ve already got a case.”

“I have a case,” I reminded them.

“Which makes it our case, too,” my dad pointed out.

Quinn’s lips twitched.

Since he was sitting next to me, it was easy for me to lean to my right and whisper, “Why are you doing this? Why are you encouraging them?”

Quinn had brought a legal pad to the table and he scrawled cute on it.

I was pretty sure he wasn’t talking about me.

Quinn moved his cup out of the way so he could put his elbows on the table and lean forward, the better to pin Mom and Dad with one of his bad-cop/bad-cop looks. “Let’s get something straight. There are a couple things I want to discuss with Pepper and since you’re here, I’m more than willing for you to listen and give me your opinions. But this is my case.” He glanced at me when he said this. Message received loud and clear.

Which didn’t mean I had to listen to it.

“I’m not asking you to get involved,” Quinn continued. “And there’s no way I want to put you in danger. Gil, you’ve got keep your nose clean; you can’t get mixed up with anything that can jeopardize your release. Barb, it’s great to read about mysteries and watch them on TV, but that’s not how things work in real life. Pepper…”

He didn’t bother to finish.

Just as well; I’d already scooted my chair forward so that I could take a closer look at the evidence bags he pulled out of his pocket.


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