Subtle Voyage (Subtle Lovers) by Beth Kery

Subtle Voyage (Subtle Lovers) by Beth Kery

Author:Beth Kery [Kery, Beth]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Amazon: B003F1CWKC
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
Published: 2009-11-02T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Four

Aileen blinked her eyes open onto a fuzzy world a few moments later. The first thing that she saw was the fat, bulbous head of a gold-colored cock just inches from her face. A pearl of cum grew at the eye on the crown.

“Oh!” she murmured as she opened her lips for Valac’s beautiful cock. Without instruction from Saya she didn’t close around him but just let him slide a short way into her mouth and rest heavily on her tongue.

“Stop,” Saya ordered tensely.

Her eyes flickered over to him. It excited her beyond measure to know that he liked to watch another man explode on her tongue. Saya placed his hand on her throat possessively while Valac stroked his member rapidly with his hand. It took him longer to orgasm than it had Aime or Rama because Valac hadn’t fucked her like they had. Still Aileen knew from the dense weight of Valac’s penis and the tense expression on his handsome face that he was very aroused.

He bounced his cock against her tongue a few times before he howled in orgasm.

Once again Aileen struggled to not spill the large volumes of semen that spurted into her mouth and yet not choke either. She was so overwhelmingly aroused that as Valac spasmed on her tongue she defied Saya’s orders and closed over him, licking and sucking that fleshy, golden spear and swallowing convulsively to keep up with the his tremendous emissions.

Saya’s hand moved slightly on her rhythmically tensing throat but he didn’t protest.

When she slowly opened her eyes a few moments later she was amazed to see that Rama, Aime and Leo all knelt beside Saya and Valac. They had watched her suck Valac’s cock while he came. The realization made her flush with embarrassment but she 34

Subtle Voyage

couldn’t deny the pinch of arousal at her clit as well. Or maybe that just came from seeing all that beautiful, naked male flesh at once.

She must be the luckiest woman on the face of the Earth, she thought in befuddled awe as her eyes toured Aime’s big, muscular body and Leo’s long, lean one. Her flesh seemed to hum with an electrical, warm, tingling feeling like nothing she’d ever experienced.

She wondered vaguely if Valac felt it too when he groaned with renewed arousal.

She abruptly realized that his cock was still in her mouth. Aileen glanced up at him. It struck her that he seemed more vibrant, more present than he had when she first saw him tonight. He slowly, seemingly regretfully withdrew his cock from the ring of her tight lips while the other men watched fixedly.

“Thank you, Aileen,” Valac whispered with a warm smile.

The fat head of his cock sprang free from her lips with a popping sound. He grunted. Aileen blushed. She hadn’t realized she’d still been applying such a steady suction. Her eyes immediately sprang up to Saya’s. She’d hoped she would see the usual small, amused smile on his sculpted lips. She went utterly still when she saw the way his sapphire eyes glittered at her with stark arousal.


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