Sonic the Hedgehog: Fortress of Fear by Michael Teitelbaum

Sonic the Hedgehog: Fortress of Fear by Michael Teitelbaum

Author:Michael Teitelbaum [Teitelbaum, Michael]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Gaming, Juvenile Fiction, Sega, Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog
ISBN: 9780816735822
Amazon: 0816735824
Publisher: Troll Communications
Published: 2015-04-22T16:00:00+00:00

…beside your bed safe and…

Antoine spoke up. "If I remember correctly, Your Highness, when this was the royal palace, there was a safe right near your father's bed in his bedroom."

"Good thinking, Antoine," said Sally. "Let's start there."

With Sally leading the way, the Freedom Fighters dashed off toward what used to be the king's bedroom, hoping they would find the list there.

Chapter 5

"Report!" boomed Robotnik. His deep voice echoed out of the master control room.

The Swatbot that stood before him stiffened, then spoke. "We–have–searched–all–bedrooms–kitchens–ballrooms–on–main–level. List–not–found. Now–proceeding–to–upper–and–lower–levels–of–fortress."

"Have you searched thoroughly?" yelled Robotnik.


"That's nook and cranny, you idiot!" shouted Robotnik. "Well, don't just stand there. Proceed with your search. Tear the place to pieces if you have to, but FIND THAT LIST!"


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