Shadow game by Christine Feehan

Shadow game by Christine Feehan

Author:Christine Feehan [Feehan, Christine]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, General, Romance, Romance & Sagas, Fiction - Romance, Occult fiction, Romance - General, Romantic suspense fiction, Occult & Supernatural, Romance: Gothic, Romance - Gothic, Gothic, Suspense, Mystery, Scientists, Parapsychologists, Fathers and daughters, Scientists - Crimes against
ISBN: 9780515135961
Publisher: Jove
Published: 2003-08-26T02:06:15+00:00

Her heart jumped wildly. She allowed him to pull her toward the wide armchair beside the tall lamp. It was utterly ridiculous how helpless he could make her feel with just the velvet tone of his voice. Her body went into meltdown and she couldn't think clearly.

He seated himself comfortably, tugged on her hand until she fell against him. He settled her on his lap, all too aware she wore nothing beneath the shirt. His shirt. It pleased him that she wore his shirt. "I don't think a little talk is going to help, Ryland. I can't be that woman in our dream. I've never really been with a man. It was all imagination and reading."


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