SeduceHer Kissing Secrets by Michael Ferris

SeduceHer Kissing Secrets by Michael Ferris

Author:Michael Ferris
Format: mobi, epub
Published: 2010-11-02T07:00:00+00:00


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SeduceHer Kissing Secrets|

Deciphering the Interest Compliance Results Below are examples of Interest Compliance Indicators that will show you her subtle responses to see if she is interested in you.

Interest Indications

Explanation of Results

If she answers you questions

She wants to get to know you. Answer her and ask her the same question to indicate to her that you want to get to know her also.

If she mirrors your body language

Subconscious indication that she is

interested in you. A cool trick you can do is talk and breathe slower and see if she mirrors that also. If she does, she has deep rapport with you.

If she flirts with you and responds to your If she qualifies herself or plays along with teasing

your role playing and flirting that it’s a good sign she is interested.

If she laughs at your jokes

If she laughs at your jokes and aren’t really that funny, then she is interested.

If she tries to impress you and elaborates More signs that she is interested. If not, on her answers to your question

she wouldn’t want to waste her time

explaining herself and letting you know

these intimate details about herself.


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