Sapphire Scars: Volume Three by A.P. Moraez & A.P. Moraez

Sapphire Scars: Volume Three by A.P. Moraez & A.P. Moraez

Author:A.P. Moraez & A.P. Moraez [Moraez, A.P.]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Published: 2020-01-24T16:00:00+00:00

the beautiful world of Logan Bishop

“ASH, BABY, WAKE up,” Logan’s voice reached his consciousness like a feather, so gentle it was.

He’d slobbered all over Logan’s chest in his sleep, and it was the first thing he noticed when he opened his eyes and realized they were inside the Mercedes. Duke and Ian were discussing something in the front seats, something about logistics that his brain couldn’t register yet. The side of his face that’d been pressed against Logan was all sticky and gross.

“Sorry,” Ash mumbled as he cleaned himself with his jacket sleeve. Cheeks burning in embarrassment, he tried to lean back from Logan to give him space he probably wanted after having his expensive jacket all messed up by him.

Logan simply chuckled and brought his hand to cup Ash’s jaw, then he leaned down and their mouths connected, Logan’s tongue heavy on his mouth in a brief, yet intense kiss. Sometimes his intensity took Ash’s breath away, exactly as it did now.

“Sleep okay?”

Ash nodded, trying to get a hold of his emotions. He didn’t want to sport a hard-on when Ian and Duke were just mere feet away, closed in a damn car.

“Yeah. Where are we?” he asked just as his still sleep-addled brain caught up to their surroundings.

“We just got to the airport,” Logan explained. “Duke is just talking to the other teams and checking if everything is safe before we can get out and head to the plane.” He finished with a jut of his chin to the window to Ash’s back.

Ash spun around in the seat and gasped.

There were other eight exactly-matched black Mercedes waiting outside. A quarter of a mile away, in the runway, was the biggest plane Ash had ever seen. Not that he’d seen any many in real life before, but that thing was a beast.

Mouth still dropped, he turned back to Logan. “That is the plane we’re traveling in?”

The corners of Logan’s eyes crinkled. “Sure is.” He chuckled. “If you like seeing it from the outside, wait until you see the inside.”

“What’s on the inside?”

Logan pressed a smiling kiss to his lips. “You just wait.”

“Hey, boys,” Ian twisted his neck from the front seat to speak to them, “they just gave us the all clear. Let’s go.”

Ash opened the door and got outside. Logan got out and circled the car until they were together again, hand in hand. A couple moments later, they were surrounded by Duke, Ian and five more of his men. More were getting out of the other cars and coming in their direction. Duke started toward the plane in front of them, and they followed. Again, the uneasiness at what his life had become struck him. Logan apparently sensed his nervousness, for he unashamedly hugged Ash to his side, covering him in warmth as they walked to the aircraft. “Relax,” he whispered in Ash’s ear. “There’s nothing to worry about.” He squeezed their intertwined hands. “I’m right here.”

Ash nodded and tried to relax. Their group finally got to the gigantic plane.


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