Pythagoras by Thomas Stanley

Pythagoras by Thomas Stanley

Author:Thomas Stanley
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Nicolas-Hays, Inc.


The heads of Politics (according to Iamblichus) are these: common conversation, friendship, worship of the gods, piety to the dead, and lawmaking.735

They hold Pythagoras to be the inventor of all political discipline. He used to say that amongst beings nothing is pure, but everything partakes of some other—as Earth of Fire, Fire of Water and Air. In like manner, honest partakes of dishonest, just of unjust, and the like. Hence it is that reason is carried away to either side. There are two motions: one of the body, the other of the mind; one irrational, the other elective. Commonwealths he compared to a Right Triangle, wherein one side consists of three parts, the base of five, the other side of the mean between them, of four. In the coincidence of these lines with one another, and their squares, we behold delineated the best form of a commonwealth, and of Justice.


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