Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy

Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy

Author:Brian Tracy
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1. List some of your customers who fall into each of the buyer personality types: apathetic, self-actualizing, analytical, emotional, and practical.

2. List three ways in which you could improve your listening skills.

3. Write two open-ended and two close-ended questions you could ask a prospect about his needs in relationship to your product

The Psychology of Closing

Session Seven


Do I recognize and take advantage of signals that indicate the prospect is ready to buy?

Do I plan detailed, word-for-word closings in advance of my sales presentation?

Do I understand how emotional and stressful a buying decision can be?

Do I argue with prospects and tell them why they are wrong?

Do I make promises about the product that I cannot keep or oversell by saying it will do something

it will not do?


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