No Trench To Rest (The French Bastard Book 1) by Stallard Avan Judd

No Trench To Rest (The French Bastard Book 1) by Stallard Avan Judd

Author:Stallard, Avan Judd [Stallard, Avan Judd]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Publisher: Baby Blue Goat
Published: 2017-08-14T16:00:00+00:00


The cold of the night could not dim the fire that now burned inside Kranz. First exiled, then imprisoned, now free and returned to the fold. No man knew how that precise combination of liberty and vindication felt. It was his, and his alone, to savor.

He had been walking for the last three hours, having abandoned the motorbike about five miles back to make sure he was not detected. He now stood just within the treeline separating Vitrimont forest from cleared farmland. From his vantage on the crest of a hill, he could see the lights of Oraon.

He had not expected to make the thirty miles to Oraon in one day. It allowed more time to prepare. Tonight, as the town slept, he would scout somewhere to set up camp. Thanks to the Frenchman who had returned his countryman’s motorcycle, he had blankets to keep him warm.

He had two nights to surveil the munitions factory. He needed to establish how many guards and workers were on-site and determine all possible entrance and exit points. If the opportunity presented, he would infiltrate the factory and establish his options for detonating the explosives, perhaps even recover some ingredients that he could use for that purpose.

But he would not destroy the factory, not yet, for his instructions had been clear. It must be destroyed on the last night of March. It gave him two nights to plan. Two nights of freedom and purpose. He knew they might be his last.


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