Nature's Ways by Ruth Binney

Nature's Ways by Ruth Binney


Author:Ruth Binney
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: F+W

The Greeks regarded chamomile with respect, prescribing it for fevers and agues as well as menstrual and other female problems. English herbalists also swore by its healing effects. By the 17th century, Nicholas Culpeper was able to produce a long list of its 'virtues', saying that: 'It moderately comforts all parts that have need of warmth, digests and dissolves whatsoever has need thereof, by a wonderful speedy property.'

William Turner, the 16th-century English physician and divine, was effusive in his praise of chamomile, especially used after bathing. He said (using modern spelling): 'It hath flowers wonderfully shining yellow and resembling the apple of an eye … It will restore a man to his colour shortly if a man after the long use of the bath drink of it after he is come forth out of the bath. … This herb was consecrated by the wise men of Egypt unto the Sun and was reckoned to be the only remedy of all agues.'


Just some of the many conditions believed over the ages to be helped by chamomile:

Aches and pains – anxiety – asthma – bacterial infections – colic – conjunctivitis – cramp – depression – digestive disorders – eczema – fatigue – fever – flatulence – gout – haemorrhoids – herpes – influenza – insomnia – jaundice – laryngitis – menstrual pain – migraine – mouth infections – nappy rash – neuralgia – pruritis – rheumatism – sprains – skin infections – sinusitis – swelling – ulcers – viral infections.


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