My Kind of People by Lisa Duffy

My Kind of People by Lisa Duffy

Author:Lisa Duffy [Lisa Duffy]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Atria Books
Published: 2020-05-12T00:00:00+00:00


It’s another week before she can go back to the cliff to finish her painting. The rain kept her away two days. Then Leo made her go for her checkups at the doctor and the dentist the next day, and by the time they got home, she wasn’t exactly feeling all that creative.

Then she decided she might as well wait for Frankie to come home so they could go out to the cliff together.

Which is only one of the reasons her heart sinks when Frankie’s mother’s car pulls in the driveway and she opens the front door, waving wildly even though she can’t actually see Frankie through the tinted windows of the huge SUV.

Then Frankie gets out and it takes her a minute to see that Frankie is missing an arm.

Or not exactly missing. It’s just not hanging by her side where it should be. Instead, it’s in a sling across her body.

“I broke it, and I don’t want to talk about it, so don’t ask,” Frankie grumbles, walking past her into the house.

“What do you mean, don’t ask? Are you crazy—that’s your painting hand!” She follows Frankie to her bedroom and shuts the door.

Frankie plops on the bed, her body bouncing off the mattress.

“Exactly. Don’t remind me.” After a minute, Frankie sits up, looks at Sky, forces a smile. “Hi, by the way. I missed you.”

“Yeah, me too. Now talk. There’s no way you’re not telling me what happened.”

Frankie sighs. “That’s the thing. There’s nothing to tell. It’s not some great story.”

“Who says it has to be a great story?”

“Maybe not great. But at least not embarrassing.” Frankie plops down again, throws her good arm over her face.

Sky sits on the bed next to her, speechless. Frankie doesn’t get embarrassed. Or not that Sky’s ever seen.

“Like on a scale of one to ten. How embarrassing?”

“Eleven and a half. Maybe a twelve.” Frankie sits up. “I fell out of my bunk.”

“I thought you weren’t allowed to be on the top bunk anymore.”

“I wasn’t! It was the stupid lower bunk. My feet must have caught in the sheet or something. I woke up, and I was flat on my face, my arm underneath me.”

Sky winces, imagining it. She’s lost count of Frankie injuries from sleepwalking. Last year, she came home from camp with a concussion because she’d fallen out of the top bunk. The year before that, a fat lip and a chipped tooth. Then they got smart and put her on the bottom bunk.

Apparently, that was just as dangerous.

“Now I can’t paint. Can’t surf. I’m not even allowed to go in the water.” Frankie is close to tears. Sky is disappointed too—she’s been waiting all month to go surfing with Frankie. But she forces her voice to be light and cheery.

“The waves have been awful,” she lies. Truthfully, they’ve been the best she’s ever seen. “Besides, I’ve been dying to show you something. Come on.”

She stands and motions for Frankie to follow her. Frankie stares at her before she finally stands up, and trudges behind Sky.


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