Miami Midnight by Alex Segura

Miami Midnight by Alex Segura


Author:Alex Segura [Segura, Alex]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction
Publisher: Polis Books
Published: 2019-06-18T16:00:00+00:00

“HE COULD HAVE been working for anyone,” Harras said, sipping watered-down coffee from a Styrofoam cup. “If Novo was the new Silent Death, he was a freelancer. And a pretty damn good one, from what my intel says, recent slip-ups notwithstanding.”

They were seated at a small four-top in the hospital cafeteria—Kathy, Harras, and Pete. Alter had gone home to relieve her babysitter and Hudson was on her way back to the PD. With Emily on the run, their usefulness to the police was nil, Pete mused.

“I think you’re right about Emily having some kind of connection,” Pete said, laying his hands on the table, palms down. “I traced her movements after I last saw her—around the time of Varela/Posada case, when we first ran into Los Enfermos.”

“You’ve brought stalking your ex to a whole new level there, Pete,” Kathy said. The joke was sharp and mean, a sign that they were still on shaky ground.

“When I saw her in that building, I knew right away who she was, even with the new dye job and Rosen trying to avoid saying it outright,” Pete said. “Emily made it out of the country with a lot of Los Enfermos’s money. But what if that wasn’t all she had? What if she had info on Los Enfermos’s drug connect?”

“La Madrina,” Harras said.

“But where does Ferris come in, then?” Kathy said. “How did a low-level goon like that get the info?”

“Not sure,” Pete said. “But my guess is, at some point, you need to start ... well, shopping around, you know? Letting people find out that you have this connect.”

“Good logic, good assumption,” Harras said, nodding. “So you think Ferris was deputized with the info, or a hint of the info—and that tipped off Salerno?”

“Right,” Pete said. “Enough that he knew it involved me and enough to get him back to Miami to hunt me down, or try to.”

“Not to burst your ego bubble, but what if he was after someone else down here?” Harras asked.

“Emily?” Pete said.

“Right,” Harras said. “And that got him on someone else’s radar.”

“Then he gets killed,” Kathy said. “But who took him out? And why?”

“I’ve got another question,” Harras said, turning to face Pete. “What in the hell were you doing at Eddie Rosen’s house at that time of night?”

“Yes, that is an excellent question,” Kathy said. “I woke up to—” She hesitated.

Harras noticed and smirked. “You two gonna clue me in on something?” he asked.

“Shush, let’s not lose focus,” Kathy said. “Pete, go. You’re on the spot.”

Pete gave his friends a quick recap on Osvaldo Valdez, his mother, her friend Diane Crowther, and Terraza.

“Jesus, hasn’t been a quiet time for you,” Harras said. “So your mother leaves your dad, starts living the swinging Miami life with her friend, then ends up dead in an Overtown hotel. And you’re trying to zone in on this spot where she worked?”

“Right,” Pete said. “A bar owned by Alvaro Mujica, Eddie Rosen’s boss.”


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