Make Your Own Scratch Games by Anna Anthropy

Make Your Own Scratch Games by Anna Anthropy

Author:Anna Anthropy
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: No Starch Press
Published: 2019-06-03T23:00:00+00:00

What You Learned

In this chapter, we covered some more advanced ideas. You learned how to make your own variables to keep track of stuff. You programmed your sprites to clone themselves so you could have multiple copies of the same sprite. By broadcasting messages, you gave sprites a way to communicate with each other. You also learned about time pressure and how to use it to make a game more exciting.

In the next chapter, we’ll talk about how to make larger games in Scratch, games with multiple levels and scenes. We’ll explore what those levels could look like.

Scratch is a great way to learn how to program. The more you learn about Scratch, the more prepared you’ll be for a “Serious Adult” programming language. But the basic ideas are the same. If you’re just interested in making cool games, Scratch is an excellent choice for doing that. Now let’s make some more neat Scratch games. See you in Chapter 3!


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