Lost In Time 6-Blue Bloods Series by De la Cruz Melissa

Lost In Time 6-Blue Bloods Series by De la Cruz Melissa

Author:De la Cruz, Melissa [Melissa, De la Cruz,]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: ePub Bud (www.epubbud.com)
Published: 2011-10-03T16:00:00+00:00


“The faithful are waiting,” Schuyler said. “Let’s get to work.”

They spent the whole day in the forecourt, leading prayers, keeping the fire lit, anointing worshippers with holy oil.

Schuyler had asked the priest to tell his flock not to schedule a funeral or memorial on this day, as she did not feel right about leading the incantations and prayers for true believers.

“Hot in here,” she said, when the three were alone in the inner chamber. She was sweaty underneath her layers.

But the twins only shrugged, since, as vampires, they were able to regulate their body temperature.

Schuyler began to feel a bit woozy and light-headed, and wondered if Jack was right in worrying about her on this un-dertaking. She’d convinced herself she had no choice. While Deming and Dehua were trained fighters, she was the one who had to carry out her grandfather’s legacy. She could not let them find the gate without her.

How’s it going in there? Jack sent.

Quiet, she replied. You guys see anything?

Not a thing.

The Venators were edgy, regarding each worshipper with suspicion. But the day passed uneventfully, and then it was sunset, and they had to set off to collect the firewood. Jack and the Lennox brothers would follow a few steps behind.

The girls walked slowly through the dark uninhabited streets. most people lived in the northern part of the necropolis, and it was not a good idea to walk the southern area at night, which was said to be the home of drug dealers and thieves. There were no streetlamps, and there was a hushed quiet that was unnerving. The girls did not whisper to each other, and Schuyler felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise.


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