Lies of Men by Dana Killion

Lies of Men by Dana Killion

Author:Dana Killion
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Obscura Press


Like it or not, my work on the Wright story was magnifying the chauvinism I saw in the world around me, sensitizing my intolerance of it in the process. Even in this day and age, with the progress women had made in business and in government, sexism was still alive and well, although the message was more blunted now than it was in the past.

Narrow-minded men were still forcing us to contain the boundaries of our lives. It was a power struggle and an ego play. The more insecure the man, the harder he fought when old-world order was challenged.

These were the thoughts rumbling through my mind as I walked from my apartment over to meet Ryan for dinner at Fig and Olive. I tucked my hands into my coat pockets as a harsh wind whipped down Oak Street off the lake. Luckily the snow was staying away.

I’d managed to get home for a few minutes after my conversation with Bennett, just long enough to feed Walter, send Michael a text letting him know I couldn’t make dinner, and then change into something more appropriate for my meeting with Ryan. But I’d agonized over what to wear. Looking too much like a banker wasn’t appropriate, but this wasn’t a date, and I didn’t want Ryan confused about my intent. I’d settled on a silk blouse and a skirt, ran a brush through my hair, freshened my lipstick, and then decided that walking the handful of blocks from my co-op over to the restaurant would help adjust my mood.

Arriving pissed off wasn’t the most prudent idea under the circumstances, but I couldn’t seem to let go. Even the crisp night wasn’t doing the job. The situation at work with Ramelli and Borkowski seemed to meld into the societal chauvinism of the Wright case, and I was in the middle of both.

I would also need to figure out how to have a conversation with Victor about Marcus Bennett. While his sexism was not as overt as some, it was a huge turnoff nonetheless and, if allowed to continue, could only harm Victor’s practice. Perhaps Bennett had been on his best behavior in front of his boss, but the man had a front-facing role, and that kind of attitude could not be tolerated. Women got the short end of the stick in most divorce cases anyway; they certainly didn’t need to be dealing with an employee who viewed them as second-class citizens, too.

Stepping off the elevator and into the restaurant, I ran my gaze along the bar centered in the room. Soft jazz emanated from a live piano player near the window, setting a relaxed mood. Ryan sat nursing a drink. Lights glowed around him, highlighting the tree that anchored the bar and extended up into a skylight. Waiting for the hostess, I watched him, fighting memories of another night in a darkened room. His white shirt, open at the collar, and navy sport coat showed off his tawny skin and sun-kissed hair.


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