Legend Anthology by unknow

Legend Anthology by unknow

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Kieran watched Aodhan’s cock fucking in and out of Beckett’s mouth. The jealousy and unwillingness to share still lurked within him, but now it mixed with something deeper—something darker. Some primal part of his psyche was turned on by the sight of his woman taking another man, pleasuring him.

Despite the fact that he’d just come, his cock was still hard. Whispering in her ear, he urged her to her hands and knees. She continued going down on the other man, and his dick twitched remembering the feel of her mouth and tongue.

With agonizing slowness, he dragged the head of his cock along her dripping cleft, taking special care to rub it back and forth across her swollen clit. She cried out as he tormented her. God, he loved the way she writhed against him, loved the way she moaned. Who was he kidding? He loved everything about her.

Unable to wait another minute to be inside her, he sank into her slick heat again. Her cunt rippled around him as he shoved forward. His vision went black around the edges as he seated himself to the balls. She squeezed him, pulsing around him as he surged forward again and again finding a rhythm with the other man as together they shafted her.

“She’s beautiful, your woman. Warm and tight. So responsive.” Aodhan thrust into Beckett’s mouth again. “I want more.” Pulling free of her mouth, he bent and whispered in her ear while Kieran dragged himself from the warmth of her body. The other man moved behind her to take his place. “She’s waiting for your cock. She wants to take you into her mouth.”

Kieran’s gut tightened. He wasn’t sure how much more sharing he could take, but as he watched the king’s cock slide into her swollen cunt, he nearly dropped to his knees. He had no idea how erotic it would be to see another man fucking Beckett.

Her fists clenched in the bedding as the other man repeatedly plunged his wide cock into her pretty pink pussy. Kieran groaned aloud as he watched her stretch to accommodate Aohdan. He’d never felt anything better than being buried balls-deep inside Beckett’s cunt, but he had to admit the sight of the other man slamming into her had his balls drawn up tight.

“Kieran,” Beckett called. “I need you.”

Making his way to the other side of the bed, he knelt in front of her. She opened her mouth and guided his erection inside, sucking him hard and deep. She licked off their combined releases making him ache to come again. Tangling his hand in her silky hair, he guided her movements as she worked his length. Every little mewling groan she made, hummed over his skin until he thought he’d go mad.

Aodhan shafted her harder, and Kieran felt every stroke vibrate though her body. He glanced at the other man in time to see him dipping his fingers into her sopping pussy and rubbing the moisture into the crinkled bud of her anus.

She bucked


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