Law and Murder by Rusty Ellis

Law and Murder by Rusty Ellis

Author:Rusty Ellis [Ellis, Rusty]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Rusty Ellis


“Should we contact the Old Man?” Tino asked.

“Let me do the thinking, you just drive,” Gianni answered, irritated his thought process was interrupted.

The detectives were starting to put a few things together—not enough to really be concerned with, but enough for Gianni to take note. For now, he would just keep the information to himself and find a way to take care of it all. His crew was tight. Where they lacked in intelligence, they made up for in following orders without question.

Foster was an issue. He was the lynchpin. As long as he continued to flap his gums there was a chance more pieces of the puzzle could leak out to the cops. Having the detectives find him in front of Turing’s house was one thing. Them knowing he’d been to Turing’s office that morning was another thing. Gianni was careful about being tailed. It was common for him to have Tino make a few extra turns on the way to wherever they were headed. Tino didn’t ask questions and turned the car when told—following orders. Gianni didn’t notice being tailed from Turing’s office to his home. He needed to tighten up his counter-surveillance and quit acting so lax about it.

Sartori could handle set-backs—“Part of the game,” he would say—but slipping up was a whole other issue. He was not so forgiving about laziness or shoddy work. Not to mention Sartori’s version of firing was a little more permanent.

Gianni picked up his phone from the center console and tapped a number, “Where are we at with him?”

The voice on the other end responded, “He warned him, but the bird’s a tough nut. I don’t think he was swayed from singing…just waiting on you.”

Gianni lowered the phone to his shoulder and pinched the bridge of his nose with his free hand. He mulled over the decision in front of him and how the Old Man would react to the news. Taking a deep breath, Gianni forced the air in a steady stream from his lungs.

He raised the phone back up and ordered, “Do it.”


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