Knitting Fabric Rugs by Karen Tiede

Knitting Fabric Rugs by Karen Tiede

Author:Karen Tiede
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: knitting;knitting techniques;learn to knit;t shirts;fabric;fabric rugs;rug;rugs;fabric strips;garter stitch;tessellation;tessellated rug;spiral;spiral rug;knots;knotting fabric strips
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
Published: 2015-06-17T18:47:09+00:00

The diagonals on this stripe slant from lower left to upper right at the start, then slant in the opposite direction above the eye. The stripe begins with light green.

Setup. Using light green, place a slip knot on your left-hand needle, then knit into the back of it to cast on one more stitch. Turn and knit these 2 stitches. (1 garter-stitch ridge)

Increase Rows

Following the color progression, kfb at the beginning of each row, and work until you have 7 stitches. (3 light green garter-stitch ridges total)


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