Kintsugi by Tomás Navarro

Kintsugi by Tomás Navarro

Author:Tomás Navarro
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Sounds True

But what if I’m not an artist? Don’t tell me you’ve even asked yourself this question. Shame on you! You do realize that you are issuing a negative judgment on your capabilities and virtues? What is art? There is nothing looser than the definition of what constitutes art. If you don’t believe me, look no further than works of contemporary, classic, or street art. Art is as varied and diverse as the artist can be. Paint, draw, sew, design, or create. I don’t care what discipline you choose. Draw without worrying about the proportions or whether it’s pretty or ugly. Make abstract art!

Write. Writing is one of the most therapeutic exercises you can undertake, for a number of reasons. To begin with, when you write, you are putting into order all your ideas, preoccupations, and troubles. Writing frees up the soul and the mind. When we put onto paper what we have in our heads and hearts, the offloading effect is immediate.

Build. Go to the beach with a bucket and spade, and start making sand sculptures. Draw and paint mandalas, borrow your children’s Legos; start building something, whatever it is. Go to an arts-and-crafts store and buy anything you like. Learn crochet. Design jewelry. Create necklaces and bracelets of glass beads and give them to your friends. Artistically trim the hedge in the garden. Plant a bed in the garden with colorful flowers. Do a puzzle or make a collage. Spend time baking cakes and making desserts, origami, or marquetry. Do some sculpture, design clothes, make your own dresses, or dye T-shirts. Anything will do! Do whatever you feel like, as long as you find it stimulating and fulfilling.

Find an outlet for your pain through artistic expression. Transform your pain into something beautiful. Embellish your scars so that every time you look at them you feel stronger and more confident.


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