Killing Christmas (2019 Reissue) by Bill Kitson

Killing Christmas (2019 Reissue) by Bill Kitson

Author:Bill Kitson [Kitson, Bill]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Joffe Books murder mysteries
Published: 2019-11-05T22:00:00+00:00

It was unusual for Smith to be nervous. In fact it was almost unheard of. But meeting his boss could be relied upon to make him edgy.

‘Give me an update.’

Smith could tell by the tone of his boss’s opening question that he wasn’t the only one feeling the strain of the situation.

‘We’ve tried everything we know to locate the girl, but with no success. We’ve had Dr North’s new location under surveillance, all his phone calls, text messages and e-mails are monitored, but whoever abducted Jessica North hasn’t attempted to contact her father either directly, or via Helm Pharm. To make matters more complicated, that detective, Nash, has been asking some very pertinent questions about the girl and North’s family as a whole. One or two of which it was extremely difficult to answer.’

‘He has that reputation. All you can do is continue to fend him off. On no account can you allow him access to North. That could be disastrous. But we must find the girl. North is so worried about her safety, and upset at what happened to his wife and son, he’s unable to work, which is no good for any of us.’

‘Do we need him? I mean, I understand he’s supposed to be brilliant, but surely there must be other chemists who could do the work he does equally well, especially as we’re so far down the road.’

‘You must be joking. North is irreplaceable; for the time being at least. There’s an old saying that no one is indispensable, but North’s pretty close to it. He’s the only scientist capable of understanding these drugs, and more important, predicting their effect. The trial samples we’ve been using before, the ones that originated from his laboratory have worked really well. We’re aware that they needed fine tuning, and North had just prepared a batch he was convinced would be the finished article. But they were destroyed by that intruder at Helm Pharm. We’ve tried to get other chemists to conduct similar experiments. We were aware that if anything happened to North it would have meant writing off millions. In addition to which there were the difficulties surrounding North’s private life which I’m sure you’re aware of.’

‘What happened? To the other experiments I mean?’

‘They were a total disaster. Only one batch got as far as a field trial. The volunteer who’d taken the drugs ran amok and damned near killed three of his colleagues before he could be restrained. After they secured him, the red caps had to keep him locked in a soft room for three days. When they took him out his skin was a mess of scratches which turned into a major infection. He was in a military hospital for almost three months. It was due to an allergic reaction to the cocktail of drugs. We certainly can’t afford anything like that to happen again.’

‘OK, so we can’t dispense with North, or his services. In that case, what do you want me to do next?’

‘We have to find the girl.


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