Kill 'Em All: A True Story of Abuse, Revenge and the Making of a Monster by Ryan Green

Kill 'Em All: A True Story of Abuse, Revenge and the Making of a Monster by Ryan Green

Author:Ryan Green [Green, Ryan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781079438048
Google: dYtgxwEACAAJ
Amazon: B07V1WWW7H
Publisher: Ryan Green Publishing
Published: 2019-07-06T12:00:00+00:00

A Normal Man

With nowhere to turn his rage, Carl returned to his old routines of brutality, riding the rails and forcing himself on any men that he could lay his hands on. It wasn’t enough anymore. The high that he used to get from bullying and molesting men had faded in comparison to the sharp jolt of ecstatic pleasure that he drew from killing. Even the sweetest pleasures that he’d known before were fading away in the face of murder.

Running wild as he was, it is hardly surprising that he soon attracted the attention of the law once more. Thinking to repeat the wild success of his robbery of Taft’s mansion, where he’d acquired enough cash to purchase a yacht, he returned to the wealthy university town of New Haven in the early days of 1921, taking his time to case a few of the mini-mansions that filled the town before finally settling on one as his target. Almost immediately, he ran into problems. The family that lived in the house were both present and awake when he broke in, and while they were easily cowed by Carl waving a newly acquired pistol around, the staff were not so foolish. A quick phone call later and Carl was arrested by the local police and carted off. Charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm and burglary, Carl should have been looking at many years in jail, but because he gave yet another false name to the police in Bridgeport, this was treated as his first offence, and he received a sentence of only six months.

Once again, Carl was confined in a prison run by people with no idea of the trouble that they’d just brought down on themselves. Out in the real world, when Carl brutalised a man, raped him or robbed him, he could expect to see consequences for his actions, but the law did not care when these things happened to a prisoner. In fact, there was tacit approval for any torture that Carl happened to inflict. It was almost like a holiday for Panzram, an opportunity to regain his strength and composure after the shipwreck. The confinement was good for him—it helped him to find balance again instead of spiralling into ever more self-destructive behaviour. By the time that he emerged from the prison in autumn, he was behaving like the cold, calculating killer that he’d become instead of some ravening beast, and he judged that it was once again time for him to seek out some gainful employment that might suit his talents.

The ocean still called to Carl, but he now realised the dangers that his ignorance of proper seafaring had dragged him into. It was pure luck that he’d survived the sinking of the Akista. For a man as determined to control everything as Carl, that was intolerable, so he set out to improve himself the only way that he knew how, by joining the Flying Squadron of the Seamen’s Union.

Normally, they would have had no


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