Karen Chance-Palmer 03 by Embrace the Night

Karen Chance-Palmer 03 by Embrace the Night

Author:Embrace the Night [Night, Embrace the]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-10-13T03:31:05+00:00

“Would you just—”

“I don’t know.” Casanova saw my expression. “It’s the truth! I don’t know and I don’t want to know. The last thing I need is for certain people to decide that I’m interfering in their business!”

“Rosier killed Saleh,” I said, trying to fit the pieces together. “And when he came after me, he said it was because I’d talked to him. But the only thing Saleh and I discussed was—”

“Don’t tell me!” Casanova backed away with a panicked look, right into the line of dangerous-looking creatures who had just entered the salon. They’d been so quiet, I hadn’t even heard them. I assumed Casanova would have, under other circumstances, but he wasn’t at his best. That was even more true when he spun around and caught a glimpse of Alphonse’s smirking face.

He literally snarled, and casino security, which had been trailing the nattily dressed group of vamps, closed in a little more. “I invited them!” I said, before things could turn ugly.

“You set me up!” Casanova shot me a purely vicious look. And, okay, yeah, maybe I should have brought this up a little sooner.

But I’d been busy.

“They’re here to help me with something, not to fight,” I said. I caught Alphonse’s eye, which was easy even with Casanova in the way since he is almost seven feet tall. “Right?”

“Sure thing,” he agreed smoothly, giving Casanova’s shoulder a friendly squeeze that had the incubus wincing in pain. “Came to see the bikes over at the Mirage.”

“You’re in my territory!”

Alphonse grinned lazily. “There ain’t no territories no more—or didn’t you hear? The Senate outlawed ’em to cut down on the feuding.” He chuckled, like that was the best joke he’d heard in a while.

“He likes motorcycles,” I reminded Casanova quickly. “You know that!”

It was true. Besides photography, B-grade vampire movies and killing things, Alphonse liked big, loud bikes that belched black smoke and choked anyone unfortunate enough to be behind him. For a cold-blooded killer, he was remarkably well-rounded.

He was also really good at getting under Casanova’s skin. Not that he had to work very hard. I got the impression that there was some lingering resentment over the fact that Alphonse had taken Casanova’s place as Tony’s second a few years back. I had no idea if that had been a purely business decision or was partly personal, but there was no doubt that the incubus resented it. And Alphonse showing up on his doorstep without so much as a by-your-leave wasn’t helping.

“And if me and my lady want to do a little gambling, who’s gonna stop us?” The five huge security personnel took a collective step forward. I started to get between them and Alphonse’s group, which consisted of him, Sal, three vamps I remembered from Tony’s, and one that I didn’t. I really didn’t want to be responsible for a territory war. But Sal caught my wrist faster than I could blink and pulled me out of the way.

“Let ’em get it out of their systems now or it’ll be a whole lot worse later,” she said, as the two groups surged into each other.


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