Java Magazine: Microservices and Containers by Andrew Benstock

Java Magazine: Microservices and Containers by Andrew Benstock

Author:Andrew Benstock [Benstock, Andrew]
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Published: 2018-12-02T16:00:00+00:00

The compile script from the Java module sample application needs to be modiied slightly to include the updated module source path and the path to the OSGi math bundle ile (in the classpath):

javac -d out -classpath ./math/target/*.jar --module-source-path ./math/src -m simulation.math

The application layer modularity remains the same, because it’s simply loading the Java module wrappers around the OSGi bundles.

Conclusion Cooperation beats rivalry. When combined, Java modules and OSGi ofer a more complete and robust modularity solution than either ofers on its own. For example, without Java modules, OSGi cannot support compile-time enforcement of dependencies. Likewise, application-level modularity isn’t as complete and lifecycle control isn’t as robust without OSGi.

Combining both also helps existing OSGi applications leverage a growing number of Java 9 modules, and it ofers a clean integration (and, possibly, migration) path to build OSGi bundles and services into Java 9 applications.

I’ll close with a inal thought: when polarizing concepts arise in computer science (for example, the OS wars, the C++ versus Java debate, and framework diferences), it’s often better to avoid being religious and instead ind ways to work together.</article>

Eric J. Bruno is a lead real-time engineer at Perrone Robotics, where he’s teaching cars to drive themselves. He has 25 years’ experience in the information technology community as an enterprise architect, developer, and analyst with expertise in large-scale distributed software design.



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