Japan Style by Geeta Mehta & Kimie Tada

Japan Style by Geeta Mehta & Kimie Tada

Author:Geeta Mehta & Kimie Tada
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-1-4629-0595-9
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

The wood-floored living room, tatami room and the veranda spaces flow around the central pillar in this restored minka. Bamboo blinds called sudare, traditionally used on windows during summer, are used here to provide visual definition to one part of the room without disturbing the flow of space.

Takeshi Yamamoto has collected antiques since he was in his 20s. These blue and white dishes are some of his favorite porcelain collection pieces. Eye-catching fluted lmari has been produced in Kyushu since the Momoyama Period (1572-1603), when this style was brought to Japan from Korea during the pottery wars. Blue and white pottery has also constituted an important portion of Japan exports throughout history, with rough and rejected pieces used as ships' ballast.


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