Island on Fire by Alexandra Witze

Island on Fire by Alexandra Witze

Author:Alexandra Witze
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Profile Books

This soothing explanation, however, was challenged by many natural scientists throughout Europe. And there’s little evidence that it calmed the minds of the people, especially when they had the chance to read about the year’s horrors in so many places.

The story of the amazing summer unfolded at a time when newspapers were proliferating throughout England and the rest of Europe. By 1783 print communication was moving well beyond the old broadsheets, pamphlets and posters advertising theatre programmes, auctions and shipping news. There were now dozens of newspapers in London, and many more circulating throughout England. As summer waned and autumn approached, many of these publications began reporting stories that fuelled a mood of terrible dread. People across England and France, it seemed, were dying in droves from some inexplicable illness, with symptoms that included headaches, eye irritation, breathing difficulties and fever.

In Umpeau, northern France, a priest reported:


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