In The Beginning by Joe Neubarth

In The Beginning by Joe Neubarth

Author:Joe Neubarth [Neubarth, Joe]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Religious Fiction
Published: 2010-07-21T23:00:00+00:00



Within five weeks of each other, Sara, Marta and then Margie gave birth to their babies. Luckily, all the babies were delivered without complication.

Sara, after a quick labor, had a big baby boy. Tiny said his son would be called Tui Thompson Tinesanoa but everybody started calling him "T Cubed" because of the triple "T’s" or "T to the third power."

After a long labor, Marta had a son that she insisted be named Brandon Banuel Perkins. He was soon nicknamed BB.

Margie had a daughter that she named Faith. She had no nickname. Everybody just called her Faith. Josh jokingly insisted that the next two daughters had to be called Hope and Charity. Margie promised that she would, as soon as she found a husband.

All three babies were healthy and strong. T-Cubed weighed almost eight and a half pounds at birth and kept on growing bigger from that point forward. Sara was no small woman and it appeared that she and Tiny complimented each other in donating genes for large bones and bodies to their offspring.

BB gave every indication that he was going to be tall and fairly slender. JR was not very heavy and Marta was fairly light of frame, but had managed to put on a little weight during the pregnancy that she did not lose after Brandon was born. Everybody told her that it made her look healthy.

Faith looked like she could have been a younger sister to Monique. Both had absolutely beautiful features, as if they were Ethiopian princesses. Monique made it a point to come over to Margie’s house and take care of Faith for an hour or two every day. She called the baby "her little sister."

Maria had an audience of young people on her regular short-wave broadcasts. She set up a separate broadcast on womanhood training for two teenage girls in the Fresno Colony. One of the girls, only fourteen, was already pregnant, so training in her case was extremely vital. Luckily, Clovis West High School had the same textbooks that Maria was using down in San Diego so Maria felt that she was communicating effectively. The girls in Fresno asked more deliberate questions than the girls in San Diego but that may have been the direct result of their age difference. Maria was impressed with their eagerness to learn. She just wished that she could teach the girls in person.

Josh was asked if he could come up to Fresno and perform several wedding ceremonies. It appeared that nobody in that northern colony felt qualified to perform any ceremony, but the people did feel the need to be married once they started their religious services.

Josh decided that JR, Maria, Seneca and he would probably do better to drive up to Fresno rather than have JR sail up. The colony approved their trip and just one day later they left. They carried several rifles with them, just in case they encountered any difficulty from scattered Kavorian cult members. Luckily, they encountered nobody between San Diego and Fresno.


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