I by Hawkins David R. 1927-

I by Hawkins David R. 1927-

Author:Hawkins, David R., 1927-
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Format: epub
Tags: Consciousness, Personality, Supernatural, World War, 1914-1918
Publisher: West Sedona, AZ : Veritas
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intellect itself that accounts for this recurrent phenomenon.

Although consciousness level 400 is reached by eight percent of the world's population, and educated, literate, intelligent people in modern, advanced societies consider intelligence and education to be the 'norm', that is obviously not the case for the majority of mankind for whom reason and logic play a minor role in the motivations of everyday life.

Calibration level is set by spiritual will, decision, intention and dedication. It is the level that 'rules' behaviors and expectations of self and others. It becomes the yardstick by which values and motives are set and judgments are rendered. The standards of a given level then dominate consciousness and the ego's complex set of operations of endeavor, value, and human energy.

Reason, logic, information, and its expressions as science, technology, and industry become the dominant institutions. They thus become the authorities that are beseeched and prodded to solve the problems of collective society, and the science of psychology is expected to hold the resolution and answers to emotional and personal conflicts. This faith in reason is compounded by the rapid developments of the science and technology of the computer age in which all problems will eventually be vanquished by that great hope of human society called "research."

Thus, the intellect, reason, and logic are the recipients of the faith of modern man. In the modern world, although a sizable portion of the population is ostensibly still religious, the primary thrust of society emphasizes progress in the advancement of the intellect. Man is confronted with the challenge of daily survival in the here and now and thus religion, which is viewed as derived from the ancient past and then again is projected to the hypothetical distant future, is put on the back burner. The serious pursuit of religious truth is thus often deferred until later in life when one becomes older and it therefore seems more pertinent.

Until the very recent advent of consciousness research, religion seemed to be intellectually irrelevant because it was


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