Homeland by R.A. Salvatore

Homeland by R.A. Salvatore

Author:R.A. Salvatore [Ismeretlen]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Elves, Good and Evil, Drizzt Do'Urden (Fictitious character), Forgotten Realms (Imaginary Place), Magic, General, Comics & Graphic Novels, Fantasy
ISBN: 9780786939534
Publisher: Devil's Due Pub.
Published: 2008-08-06T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter 15

On The DarkSide

“I am Drizzt-“

“I know who you are;’ replied the student mage, Drizzt’s appointed tutor in Sorcere. “Your reputation precedes you.

Most in all the Academy have heard of you and of your prowess with weapons:’

Drizzt bowed low, a bit embarrassed.

“That skill will be of little use to you here;’ the mage went on. “I am to tutor you in the wizardly arts, the dark side of magic, we call them. This is a test of your mind and your heart; meager metal weapons will play no part. Magic is the true power of our people!”

Drizzt accepted the berating without reply. He knew that the traits this young mage was boasting of were also necessary qualities of a true fighter. Physical attributes played only a minor role in Drizzt’s style of battle. Strong will and calculated maneuvers, everything the mage apparently believed only wizards could handle, won the duels that Drizzt fought.

“I will show you many marvels in the next few months;’ the mage went on, “artifacts beyond your belief and spells of a power beyond your experience!”

“May I know your name?” Drizzt asked, trying to sound somewhat impressed by the student’s continued stream of self-glorification. Drizzt had already learned quite a lot about wizardry from Zaknafein, mostly of the weaknesses inherent in the class. Because of magic’s usefulness in situations other than battle; drow wizards were accorded a high position in the society, second to the clerics of Lloth. It was a wizard, after all, who lighted the glowing Narbondel, time clock of the city, and wizards who lighted faerie fires on the sculptures of the decorated houses.

Zaknafein had little respect for wizards. They could kill quickly and from a distance, he had warned Drizzt, but if one could get in close to them, they had little defense against a sword.

“Masoj;’ replied the mage. “Masoj Hun’ett of House Hun’ett, beginning my thirtieth and final year of study. Soon I will be recognized as a full wizard of Menzoberranzan, with all of the privileges accorded my station:’ “Greetings, then, Masoj Hun’ett;’ Drizzt replied. “I, too, have but a year remaining in my training at the Academy, for a fighter spends only ten years:’ “A lesser talent:’ Masoj was quick to remark. “Wizards study thirty years before they are even considered practiced enough to go out and perform their craft:’

Again Drizzt accepted the insult graciously. He wanted to get this phase of his instruction over with, then finish out the year and be rid of the Academy altogether.

Drizzt found his six months under Masoj’s tutelage actually the best of his stay at the Academy. Not that he came to care for Masoj; the budding wizard constantly sought ways to remind Drizzt of fighters’ inferiority. Drizzt sensed a competition between himself and Masoj, almost as if the mage were setting him up for some future conflict. The young fighter shrugged his way through it, as he always had, and tried to get as much out of the lessons as he could.

Drizzt found that he was quite proficient in the ways of magic.


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