Homecoming Hearts Series Collection by HJ Welch

Homecoming Hearts Series Collection by HJ Welch

Author:HJ Welch [Welch, HJ]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Published: 2020-01-21T16:00:00+00:00



Raiden wasn’t sure what he was surprised by more. The fact that they had slept in the same bed together just cuddling, no wandering hands at all. Or that when he had woken several hours later, Levi was still there.

Raiden blinked in the sunlight streaming through the cheap curtains. Levi was snoring lightly, his arms slung possessively over Raiden’s belly. Raiden felt his heart contract, a fullness there that he suspected had been missing from their previous encounters.

He didn’t want Levi just for the things he could do to his body or the way he could make him come. He wanted him for sweet cuddles and idle chatter. Raiden wanted to share his heart and time with him, not just his flesh.

Stroking Levi’s hair carefully from his face, Raiden felt perversely thankful to the hacker. If they hadn’t targeted Raiden in the first place, he wouldn’t have needed Levi’s protection. If they hadn’t called in the bomb scare last night, they might never have made up.

Of course, Raiden also would never have known about what had happened in Iraq in the first place. But he was glad he did. This had pushed Levi to share one of the darkest times of his life with Raiden, trusted him with that knowledge. It had brought them closer together, maybe giving them the push they needed to acknowledge their true feelings.

He loved Levi Patterson. This cranky, uptight man. Raiden felt like he didn’t see his gender, though, he just saw the person who made him feel whole. Maybe Joey would know if there was a word to describe that. In the meantime, Raiden reveled in the acceptance that he was a bit queer, and that was sort of wonderful. The more love in the world, the better, as far as he was concerned. It didn’t matter how it manifested itself.

Levi roused and Raiden stilled his hand on his hair. He held his breath, anxious in case he spoiled the moment.

But Levi simply blinked a couple of times, absorbing his surroundings. Then he closed his eyes again with a sleepy smile, pulling Raiden closer to him. “Morning,” he said.

Relief flooded Raiden. “Morning,” he said. He lightly kissed Levi’s shoulder. It was the closest part of his skin he could reach with his lips. Before going to bed they had stripped to their underwear, and Raiden was vaguely aware of his half-hard dick now. But he wasn’t feeling the desperate need to get fucked senseless. His time with Levi no longer felt finite.

Instead, he shifted his weight so he could trace a few kisses along his partner’s neck and jaw, finding his mouth for a couple of sweet kisses.

“I wish I had my toothbrush,” Raiden said with a laugh, certain he had morning breath.

Levi smiled at him. “Still gorgeous,” he said with a wink. “But how about we head back to the hotel. I’m sure it’ll be safe now. We can pack up and start the drive home?”

Raiden sighed. He knew it was the right thing to do while the threat was still looming.


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