Hard-Boiled- Box Set by Danny R Smith

Hard-Boiled- Box Set by Danny R Smith

Author:Danny R Smith [Smith, Danny R]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Dickie Floyd Novels
Published: 2019-02-26T22:00:00+00:00


KATHERINE JAMES LET herself into her apartment and tossed her keys in the direction of the small table by the door. She missed, and the keys clunked onto the carpet. Fine, they could stay there; she’d get them later. She ran her hand wearily through her blonde hair—formerly very big and very “done” looking, but now it curled softly at her shoulders. Her new hair, she called it. Easing first one foot, then the other, out of her work shoes—these high heels were killing her feet—she sighed in relief and curled her toes into the thick, plush carpet. Ah, life’s little luxuries. The shoes, like the keys, could stay where they were for the time being. It was all about unwinding right now.

A quick survey of the contents of the refrigerator yielded two of her favorite “unwinders” as she thought of them. The chardonnay or the pinot noir, which one would it be? Did she feel like red or white this evening?

The red won, and she poured a generous amount into one of her new wine glasses, part of a set recently purchased. She opened the French door that led to the balcony and settled herself on one of her new chairs, lightweight metal with a floral cushion. “Here’s to me and to all the new, here’s to the red, the white, and the blue,” she said aloud. She raised the glass and took a long drink, and added, “And fuck you, Steve Silverman.”

Steve Silverman. The ex-Mr. Katherine, as she now thought of him. It had been two years since he left, two years of pain and near-crippling self-doubt. Two years of not simply being afraid to move on, but of genuinely not being sure she could. Cheating bastard, she thought, then, disgusted with herself, said aloud, “Katherine, you are a worthy and lovable person. You are very capable, and you choose whether or not to be happy.”

She took another sip of the pinot and felt herself relax a bit. Dr. Slayton had told her she would get to this point, that she would one day feel confident again and be ready to move on. And he’d been right. The therapy and the antidepressants had done their jobs, and she, Dr. Katherine James, had emerged relatively whole. She sighed, thinking of the proverb “Physician, heal thyself.” She had felt like such a fraud; what would her patients think of her, knowing their shrink needed a shrink? How could she advise them about their problems when she had so many of her own? Who was she to do that? And the doubts had come crashing in.

The rest of the red disappeared from the glass without her really noticing.

Presently, she felt a chill. Rising from the chair, she took her now-empty wine glass inside and considered having another. She needed just one more, she decided.

It really was time to move on. She had a new apartment with a six-month lease, and could take her time searching for just the right home, one that she wanted.


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