Hard to Love (Hell Hounds Harem Book 5) by Briana Michaels

Hard to Love (Hell Hounds Harem Book 5) by Briana Michaels

Author:Briana Michaels [Michaels, Briana]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-08-01T05:00:00+00:00

Was this a trick? A tease? A test? Tilly wished she knew what was going on. All thoughts vanished once Baz grabbed her breasts, kneading them, pinching her nipples, coaxing her to grow hotter with every breath.

“Do you want this?” Bishop’s voice was so deep, his chest rumbled under her hand.

“Yes,” Tilly whispered. “If you do.”

Bishop ran his thumb along her bottom lip and shook his head, “This is all about you, Sweetness. If you see something you want. Better speak now.”

“Because you’re going to have your mouth full later,” Baz’s hot breath tickled her ear. Then he lifted her shirt up and off.

“Shit,” she sighed, leaning back into Sebastian. “How can this be real?”

“We keep asking the same question about you,” Baz nibbled her earlobe as Bishop leaned forward to suckle her.

She lit up like a goddamn Christmas tree.

“I’ve never been so happy to have all of my senses right now,” Baz threaded his hand through her hair and forced Tilly’s head to tip back. “I’d be so mad if I missed a single detail of you. I’m still pissed no one told me how fucking stunning you are.”

Bishop released her nipple from his mouth to say, “Some beauties have no words, Hound. You have to see it for yourself to understand.”

Tilly blushed under their hands and mouths. “You talk too much, Hound Dog.” She grabbed the back of Bishop’s neck and kissed him. Tilly’s tongue fought his for domination. She let him win, for now.

Baz pulled off his shirt and Tilly blindly reached behind her to feel his smooth chest while she groaned into Bishop’s mouth. How the fuck can this be so insanely wonderful? How could they share so easily? She wasn’t about to wreck the moment asking.

Bishop grabbed Tilly’s ass, forcing her up and off long enough to tug her shorts down. “Look at her, Hound.” He grinned like a hungry wolf, “Perfect every fucking where.”

Baz made a show of biting his lip while he growled his approval.

Tilly’s chin thrust out, she was all curves and confidence with how they were talking about her. Bishop reached down to adjust his cock trapped in his pants and growled possessively. Heat pooled between her thighs like a natural reaction to him.

The movie automatically turned off and the screen went black, plunging them into darkness with just a small light glowing in the corner, thanks to the computer equipment.

Baz took over the show. Kneading Tilly’s full breasts, he started sucking on the side of her neck, but kept his gaze locked on Bishop. While Tilly’s mouth parted, Baz’s eyes glowed like an animal in the night. Tilly got completely riled up. This was a lot of sexy for one girl to handle.

Bishop shimmied out of his pants and hit a button to recline the leather couch completely. He laid down long-ways, stroking his cock, enjoying the view.

“Back that ass up, woman.” Baz spun her around nice and slow, then eased her onto Bishop’s lap before slipping out of his sweat pants.


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