Grave Danger by Frank Kane

Grave Danger by Frank Kane

Author:Frank Kane [Kane, Frank]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-1-4405-3995-4
Publisher: Prologue Books
Published: 1954-07-15T00:00:00+00:00


A SICKLY SWEET SMELL persisted in his nostrils. Johnny Liddell opened his eyes and stared around the unfamiliar sterile whiteness of the room. The little clock on the bedstand said eleven-thirty.

A heavy-set man was sitting in an armchair near the door, reading a paper. He looked up as he heard Liddell stir, folded the paper, and stuck it in his jacket pocket.

“Sleeping Beauty had nothing on you, pal. How do you feel?”

“I’m still alive,” Liddell grunted.

“The inspector’ll be glad to hear that.” The big man pulled himself out of the chair with a grunt. “He’s been wanting to talk to you.”

“I’ll bet.” Liddell grimaced. He managed to get himself up on one elbow and fell back against the pillow with a grunt. “Where is he?”

The plain-clothes man checked his watch. “Probably on his way over. The doc told him you’d be opening your baby-blue eyes around eleven.” He walked over to the door, stuck his head out, and talked to someone. “The doc’ll be right in to see you,” he told Liddell.

After a few minutes, a white-coated intern walked in. He nodded to the plain-clothes man and grinned at Liddell. “You’re a pretty lucky guy from what they tell me, mister,” he told him. He walked over, sat on the edge of the bed, and pulled open Liddell’s pajama top. “No bones broken, not even cracked.” He pressed gently with his finger tips around the bruised area. “You’ll be as good as new tomorrow. May be a bit stiff in that wing for a couple of days, but you’ve nothing to worry about.”

“Thanks, doc. How long do I have to stay in here?”

The intern shrugged. “You can go any time you like.” He turned the night-table clock around. “It’s kind of late to be checking out tonight. Why don’t you wait until morning?”

Liddell nodded. “Can you arrange to get me some clothes?”

“Already been taken care of. Your secretary was here around ten with a complete outfit. They’re in the closet over there.”

“Good.” Liddell managed to prop himself up on one elbow, and let the intern help him into a sitting position. “No law against smoking, is there, doc?”

The intern dug into his blouse pocket and brought out a pack of Chesterfields. “Have one of mine.” He waited until Liddell had hung it in the corner of his mouth, then scratched a match and held the light.

There was a rap on the door. An elderly nurse pushed it open. “Inspector Herlehy’s here, doctor. Is it all right for him to come in?”

The intern looked to Liddell, who shrugged, back to the nurse. “Yes, nurse, ask the inspector to come in.” The nurse’s head was withdrawn.

Inspector Herlehy stamped into the room, nodded to the doctor, and glared at Liddell. “How unlucky can I get? They tell me they’re going to turn you loose on the unsuspecting city again tomorrow.”

“Couldn’t find a thing wrong with him, inspector.” The intern nodded. “He’s a pretty lucky guy.”

The inspector grunted and turned to the heavy-set man.

“You might as well pack it in, Loomis.


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