Gotrek & Felix- the Third Omnibus - William King & Nathan Long by Warhammer

Gotrek & Felix- the Third Omnibus - William King & Nathan Long by Warhammer

Language: eng
Format: mobi
ISBN: 9781789994193
Published: 2019-05-08T08:05:07+00:00


The corridor door began to swing open. Felix jumped off the wooden steps and rolled under them, folding his lanky frame into the tight space. His back was against the vat. A crossbeam pressed painfully across his shins. His breeches clung to him wetly. They stank.

Through the open treads of the steps, Felix watched the knobby green knees of an enormous orc in a studded leather tunic and heavy boots enter the room and approach the vat. A company of orcs at parade rest stood outside the door behind it.

‘Oh no,’ he murmured.

The heavy boots creaked up the complaining steps and stopped directly over Felix’s head. Felix held his breath. If he moved a muscle the orc would hear him.

There was a moment of rustling above him, and then a deep, contented sigh as something plopped wetly into the vat. Felix prayed it would all be over soon, but the orc must have eaten mightily, for the plopping and splashing seemed never-ending. After one particularly violent discharge, a splatter of drops rattled the boards over Felix’s head. A bead of stinking brown liquid formed under one plank and hung there, directly over his face.

Felix looked up at it in horror. He daren’t move. The slightest motion would alert the orc.

The orc grunted and shifted. The drop fell. Felix shut his eyes. It splashed on his right eyelid, then slid slowly down. Felix tensed, fighting back a scream. The stuff burned like vinegar. He wanted to thrash and kick.

The orc stood, giving Felix a view of parts of its anatomy he could have done without seeing, then pulled up its breeches and started down the steps. Halfway down, it paused and jabbered a question. Its voice had a strange, chittering edge to it, not the usual orc grunt.

Felix groaned. It had finally noticed that the goblins weren’t there. This was the end. They were going to have to fight the whole company, and then the whole hold. It was Birrisson’s door all over again. Felix rolled his smarting eyes to the side and saw Gotrek and the Rassmusson brothers in the shadows of the sleeping chamber, readying their weapons.

The orc chattered its question again, and then stepped to the door and spoke to its captain. The captain stuck its head in, and the orc indicated the room with a sweep of its hand.

The captain frowned around for a long moment, then shrugged and told the orc to get back in line. Its voice too was sharp and staccato. The orc exited, shutting the door behind it.

A chorus of dwarf sighs came from all over the room. They stepped out from behind doorways and furniture, looking relieved.

Narin grinned as Felix squeezed out from under the steps. ‘It’s not often a man gets a view like that and lives.’

‘It’s not often a man gets a view like that and wants to live,’ said Felix. He wiped his eyelid and looked around for something to dry his breeches with. ‘And I got another sort of eyeful as well.


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