Free Roll by Brandt Tobler

Free Roll by Brandt Tobler

Author:Brandt Tobler [Tobler, Brandt]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Lions Park Press
Published: 2017-05-20T07:00:00+00:00


In the days following the party, my dad started bringing around these young white trash kids who were trying so hard to be thugs. Except, they were failing miserably. They tried to pretend like they were gang members, but nobody believed that for a second. They were just young kids hooked on meth that were about the same age as my brother and me. We immediately knew something was wrong, because there is no reason for a man in his late 40s to be hanging out with a bunch of 20 year olds that weren’t his kids. He was obviously back on drugs. He acted nothing like the man he had been for the last two years. The house morale, which had been great a week prior, was now getting worse by the second. There were no more “I love you’s” or family dinners. Now, it felt like our dad was some punk teenager. He was sneaking around, lying, hiding stuff, always locking his door, and not really having any interaction with us. I hated it, and I was now spending little to no time at the house. Being in that house just made me feel like shit. I was spending all my time at Kevin’s house with his wife and three sons. Kevin’s house was safe, and I was always so happy when I was with there with his family.

As time went on, my dad got crazier and crazier. I assume the drug use got more rampant, because the number of weird people coming and going from our house at all hours of the night got greater and more frequent each day. At one point, a bunch of my childhood friends from Wyoming visited and somebody stole one of their wallets. I had a feeling it was my dad who did it, so I broke into his bedroom when he was gone and, of course, found the wallet hidden under his bathroom sink. I never thought I would have to tell one of my friends, “Hey man, I am really sorry my dad stole your wallet.” That’s just something a son should never have to say. It was very embarrassing. Things were starting to get bad, and I knew I had to get my dad out of the house before a disaster happened. Unfortunately, I didn’t get him out in time.

Our father-son relationship had come so far in the last two years, but it only took one night to end my relationship with my dad forever. It was a college football Saturday in late September, and it ended up being the final devastating blow to the worst birthday week of my life. Four days earlier, we celebrated my 23rd birthday and, just like the old days, my dad had forgotten all about it. The whole day I was having flashbacks to being a kid again, and the disappointment I felt when he never showed up at my birthday parties. I kept thinking about my 12th birthday party.


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