Empires of Sand by David W. Ball

Empires of Sand by David W. Ball

Author:David W. Ball
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781788634991
Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd
Published: 2019-02-28T16:00:00+00:00

* * *

They swam in slow circles just beneath the surface, passing ever closer to each other with every turn. Her image was blurred, mysterious, and beautiful, the details becoming clearer each time. He could see only that now she wore no clothes, that incredibly, she had come nude into the pool, to join him there. He looked at her, trying to make out the secret places of her body, but the water and the darkness swirled around her, leaving only a graceful mystery that made his blood rush. She beckoned him to follow. He tried to catch up, but each time as he drew near she pulled away from him, swimming faster than he, looking over her shoulder, waving and smiling. She swam so effortlessly, so free. She seemed never to have to draw a breath. He followed her until he could stand it no more. He came to the surface, gasping for air. The moonlight was bright on his face, bright like the daytime, the water shimmering in silver pearls around him. The sand around the pool was deserted, the rocks barren. He knew they were alone.

With a thrill he realized that she knew it too.

He took a deeper breath this time and disappeared again, blinking as he looked about for the soft light of her passage. This time he felt rather than saw her, as she came from below and behind him and reached up to him. Her touch sent a shock through his body. He turned to her and she drew up from below, her fingers delicate and curious and slow. He felt her on his ankles, then his calves. She caressed the hollow behind his knees, and then his thighs, and he closed his eyes and floated with it all, luxuriating in the sensation of her skin like silk against him, her warmth flowing around him in the gentle current. Every hair, every pore of his body felt wild and fired by her presence. She touched him on his hips and ran her fingers lightly up his sides. She drew level with him. Aroused and hard, he pulled her close, feeling her nakedness against him, their bodies quivering. He had never felt anything so soft and smooth as her skin beneath his touch. He ran his hands down her back, using just the tips of his fingers, softly, slowly, both of them lost to the feeling, floating in the water, entranced, the curves of her hips and her breasts pressing against him until without knowing what to do or what he would find he brought himself to her and they clung to each other, and there was a frenzy between them, a frenzy of bubbles and heat and passion as they joined together, and together they rose for breath and burst through the surface and cried in wonder and she shouted his name and he felt himself letting go, felt the fire leaving his loins…

Confused, excited, Moussa awoke in a sweat. He was breathing heavily, still lost in some delicious place that was like a warm and wonderful bath.


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